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Child Bike Trailers / Thule Coaster bicycle trailer in the test

Thule Coaster bicycle trailer in the test

Thule Coaster bike trailer in the test

Картинки по запросу Thule Coaster
Type Children’s trailer
brand Thule
Testnote GOOD (1.6)

Test report Thule Coaster Fahrradanhänger

Overview of the Thule Coaster bicycle trailer

Stylish trailer of Thule with buggy function

The coaster is the entry-level model in the THULE world

By Coaster Thule expanded in 2015 its range to another bicycle trailer .The premium brand, founded in Sweden in 1942, is known for the production of high-quality outdoor equipment. Selected materials and appealing design as well as a pronounced security understanding characterize the company. The Thule Coaster is a lightweight in its class, because the only 11 kg light bike trailer can accommodate one to two children at the same time. Thule is known for the wide range of special equipment and extensions. The coaster is a bit different. Here, the buyer gets a dedicated bicycle trailer with buggy function for his money. Unfortunately, the use is limited to these two functions. Of course, extras such as a baby seat and a footbag are available at an additional cost. Priced the moving bicycle trailer mid-priced and not at the top, as for Thule usual. The coaster opens up the world of the luxury manufacturer.

Scope of delivery and first impression of the Thule Coaster bicycle trailer

Thule coaster delivery scopeThe delivery of Thule Coaster bike trailer takes place in a sturdy carton with dimensions of 97cm x 70cm x 29cm. The package is about 18 kilograms heavily and can be accepted by everyone. In addition to the folded passenger compartment, the safety pennant and the two air wheels, there is an aluminum drawbar for mounting on the towing bicycle, two wheel deflectors for the protection of the passengers involved, a separate quick release fastener, a padded push handle, two white reflectors, a buggy wheel and operating instructions . The first thing we noticed was the handy size of the bicycle trailer, as well as first-class materials and their excellent processing. We could not find any unpleasant odors from the package. Great color combinations and high-quality aluminum made curiosity and justified every price.

Commissioning of the Thule Coaster bicycle trailer

The THULE Coaster can be built intuitively

The THULE Coaster can be built intuitively

In our test, we were able to quickly and without difficulty put the Thule Coaster bike trailer into operation with the intuitive folding device. To do this, the strut should be pulled at the rear until the frame completely stretches the convertible top and audibly clicks into place from both sides. The wheels are then mounted at the designated locations. This is very fixed because of the «push-button» function. The adjustable pushing bracket is attached to the rear of the child bicycle trailer by means of a plug connection. Next, the drawbar is attached according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For this purpose, the drawbar is inserted into the opening at the intended location and fixed with a securing pin. The included mounting instructions are hardly needed. All parts and assembly steps are self-explanatory and immediately recognizable. Thule provides a set of instructions for parents who are inquisitive. This is written in English, French and German. Large explanatory photos and structured instructions leave no questions open.


Thule-coaster-delivery-in-detailWe found numerous warnings that provide additional information. We needed only a few minutes to set up the bike trailer. Unfortunately, the wheel deflectors to be mounted and the pinch-off safety pins on the drawbar increased the assembly time to 13 minutes. This effort is just above the average of ten minutes, our test. We found the reflectors already pre-assembled on delivery. We have missed the tool, which is necessary to attach the two plastic wheel deflectors. According to instructions, a cross-slot screwdriver and an adequate wrench are required. Strangely enough, two white reflectors remained after the construction, which could not be assigned anywhere.


Thule Coaster Bicycle trailer in Praxistest

Robust drawbar with safety pin

Robust drawbar with safety pin

In our tests proved the Chariot Coaster of Thule as a thoroughbred bicycle trailer with no frills, focusing on the essentials. Conversion options are limited and so the use is merely a child bicycle trailerpossible or buggy, the complete buggy accessories are included.Particularly thought-out we found the assembly of the trailer by bicycle.The attached trailer coupling is attached to the rear axle of the wheel with the enclosed quick release fastener and connected to the aluminum drawbar like a kind of ball joint. We felt the coupling as trustworthy and thought-out, since the clutch does not disturb even with journeys without trailer and may remain permanently on the hub without hesitation. Furthermore, the clamped plastic ball-and-socket ball head absorbs both small impacts and noise during the ride.



Ample space for two children

Ample space for two children

The design of the Thule Coaster bicycle trailer is modern, sleek and always an eye-catcher. The passenger compartment is made of luminous materials and is equipped with a reflective strip around the vehicle. Luminous signal colors, numerous reflectors and the safety flag ensure that the trailer is not overlooked even in dusk and darkness. The interior is designed for one to two children. Padded 5-point straps ensure maximum safety and enough side support for road-bearing surfaces. Also practical are the tinted windows and the easy-to-change convertible top. Rain covers and fly screens are organized properly due to fewer hook and loop fasteners. In the case of non-use, these are rolled up in a variable manner and fixed with an elastic band on the cover flap.



Thule-coaster-testfahrtWe recognized the true strengths of the bike trailer during the road test.Here, the Thule Chariot Coaster benefited from its lightweight construction, spur safety and maneuverability of the lightweight. During start-up, as well as acceleration, we did not notice any effective forces on the axle of the towing vehicle. The process is easy on any surface without any effort. With regard to the shortened depths, the bicycle trailer is formally attached to the rear wheel, which means that narrow driving maneuvers are easily possible, as the rear part empties imperceptibly. In the case of evasive tests the compact bike trailer Spursicher behaved and the Elchten was mastered without complaints.



Detailed test on cobblestone pavement

Detailed test on cobblestone pavement

Compared to other models, such as the Thule Chariot CX1 of Coaster has no suspension. All the more surprising we found the ride over cobblestone streets and rough terrain. The Thule Coaster hardly lost any of its comfort and gave itself very sovereign and extremely low-vibration with frontal as well as lateral curbs driveways and descents.Even in running traffic, the bike trailer took off every curb hurdle without grinding to the side. This guarantees complete driving control even in difficult situations.





Also gravel tracks are no problem for the THULE Coaster

Also gravel tracks are no problem for the THULE Coaster

When driving over gravel tracks, the net top protects the small riders from flying stones. The soft top sits firmly on the frame and does not have any gaps. The driving behavior on gravel roads and unpaved bike paths is relaxed and does not require any change to asphalted roads. In the course of the test drive we could not find any negative influences on the driving or braking distance. The barely conspicuous mudguards keep other traffic participants, such as children on bicycles or dogs running from the side.






THULE Coaster is ideal for outdoor excursions

THULE Coaster is ideal for outdoor excursions

Because of the narrow tires, the large 20-inch model and the enormous ground clearance is Thule Chariot Coaster ideal bike trailer for forest and meadow rides. If you are planning an extended excursion, you will be welcomed by the large storage space in the rear of the vehicle.There, smaller pieces of luggage and toys, protected from external weather influences, can be safely stowed away. Further storage, which is also accessible to occupants, can be found in the rubberized mesh pocket inside the vehicle.






Best result in trunk test

Best result in trunk test

Another huge advantage of Thule Chariot coaster we see in thecompactness of the bike trailer . This means that folding is possible in just a few seconds thanks to the easy-to-open folding joints, and thanks to the straight bottom edge the bicycle trailer can be stored in the folded state in a space-saving manner. The best results of our test were achieved by the bike trailer when stowing and driving in the car. In the trunk of a VW Passat used by us, the Thule Chariot Coaster fit in any position, in contrast to its two-seat or even single-seater competitors, leaving enough room for additional luggage. Thus, the Thule Chariot Coaster is ideal for car trips and even fits comfortably into some roof boxes.



Thule Coaster bicycle trailer

With the Thule Coaster parents receive a bicycle trailer with very good materials, a solid workmanship and two basic functions. Who should buy the Thule Coaster? The bicycle trailer is intended for everyday, normal use and is perfect for long, not extremely stressed Biking (City Life). Parents who are looking for a compact, light-weight trailer and limited to the basic functions (bike trailer, buggy) will be very happy to the Thule Coaster.

Test result in detail

Driving behavior Note: 1.4
Comfort: 2.5
Handling Rating: 1.5
Security rating: 1,2
Processing Note: 1.0
Overall Rating:

Thule Coaster bicycle trailer photo gallery

Thule Coaster bicycle trailer in brief

model Coaster
Seating For 1-2 child
Dimensions constructed (L x W x H) 91 x 77 x 67 cm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 94 x 77 x 28 cm
own weight 11 kg
Maximum payload 45 kg
wheel size 20 inches (50.8 cm)
trailer hitch (Axis)
application areas City travel, land travel, gravel roads, forest drives, Stock & Stein
safety Variable belt system, parking brake, rollover protection,
reflectors, flag / pennant
Comfort Adjustable push handle, storage / luggage bags,
interior upholstery, UV sun protection, wind protection,
rain protection, inlets for air circulation

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