Roof mounted bike carriers / Thule Pro Ride 591 received the 2nd place in the roof rack test

Thule Pro Ride 591 received the 2nd place in the roof rack test

Thule Pro Ride 591

The Thule Pro Ride 591 in zweichfacher executionThule is known for its outstanding workmanship and durability of its products. The Thule Pro Ride was in our test to convince us in almost all our criteria and therefore ended up in second place. Exact details on our tests can be found below.

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4.8 of 5 stars
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Functional Overview

  • 20kg load per carrier
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 10 kg
  • Suitable for 2 bicycles

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  • especially easy with 4kg
  • Safe transportation thanks wheel Schneller Spanner
  • fits on various base support
  • tool-free assembly
  • practical One Key System


  • poor user manual


The data for Thule Pro Ride 591 Roof Racks

The Thule Pro Ride 591 is made of lightweight aluminum -made and thus has a dead weight of only 4 kg per single carrier. Each carrier can be loaded with a maximum of 20 kg. The bicycle should therefore not exceed the 20 kg limit.

The bicycle is held by the frame holder in the curving Aluschine at this bike roof rack model. The manufacturer indicates that the wheel Schneller Spanner a secure and stable transport plan and enable fast discharging or loading the bicycle rack. Whether this actually correspond to the facts, we can find out in our tests.

The roof rack fits on different basic roof rack . Note should, however, that the universal quick mounting only mounting to roof bars, up to 60 mm width can be mounted.

The support comes preassembled to you, according to the manufacturer you need any tools to the roof rack on your car roof fixed to screw. Locks of this model are also included.

If you already have products of Thule You can also exchange their key cylinder and for all the use the same key. One key system is called this kind of uniform key use.

The Thule Pro Ride 591 roof rack in the practical test

The Thule roof rack lies to assemble wonderful on this combiAfter we had taken the Thule Pro Ride roof rack from the package, we have studied us first the instructions. The manual is unfortunately somewhat reduced and you will be out of it not very clever. Anyone who has been around plagued with IKEA instructions, who knows what we are talking.
However, most items of the roof rack already fitted . So it should not be all too hard to find the few handles the final assembly out.

The roof rack Thule can on a base support in T-shape are mounted and a square base support. We have the bike rack mounted on a square support. We have carried out the installation on both an Opel and on a Renault.
According to the instructions of the roof rack carrying wheels with a maximum weight of 20 kg . We tested a Men’s bike with a weight of 17 kg and a frame height of 50 cm and a ladies aluminum trekking bike with a weight of 20 kg and a frame height of 45 cm.

According to the manufacturer can be the roof rack, using a few minor changes, attach both to the right and to the left side of the car roof. We tested it and actually allows the bike carrier very easily adjusted from right to left . This facilitates a work of course because, ever so you always sleep comfortably on the shutter zoom and does not have to contort cumbersome.

The assembly of the roof carrier ran relatively smoothly and despite the meager instructions of the carrier was 20 minutes completely on the roof. We repeated this procedure of the Assembly later a second, a third and a fourth time, and since we needed two of only 5-10 minutes for complete assembly including the two wheels. Extra additional tools are not needed during the installation.

The most exhausting during installation is certainly the lifting and fixing the bikes on the roof. Once you have done it once, then the rest is a breeze.

The bicycles are screwed by means of a simple rotary screw on the support arm of the Thule Pro Ride . This rotary screw located within comfortable reach and can be operated properly. The whole can be solved very quickly by pressing a button.

The bikes were after installation stable and secure on the car roof.

By shaking the mounted bicycles can be quickly and easily check whether they are firmly attached to us safely.

In an extensive test ride the ride now should be tested by bicycle roof rack on the car roof. We have chosen for a distance of 150 km away. From cobblestones to gravel road almost every conceivable driving pad was in our test case. On the highway, we have for safety reasons, the recommended rate of max.130 km / h is not exceeded. The additional air resistance through the bikes on the roof, we can see only minimal when driving and on the fuel gauge. The volume when driving was limited.

The dismantling of the roof rack went without any problems and easy.

The roof rack can be locked with a key

We also have the built-in bicycle lock tested the roof rack and were very satisfied. The bikes are characterized certainly not protected against all thieves, but some protection is certainly given by the castle.


Our conclusion

The bicycle roof rack Pro Ride 591 Thule has to convince us to the poor supervision of its quality. The carrier is our winner in only 2 points after: The bicycle mounting on the roof and the minimal higher air resistance by the upright position Also can the roof rack from Thule not use as our test winner for storage of bicycles.. Nevertheless, we keep the Pro Ride 591, precisely because of its price / performance, for a reasonable alternative to our winner.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

2nd place

Summary: This roof rack has an outstanding price / performance and testifies to a good quality!


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