Roof mounted bike carriers / Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 in the practical test

Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 in the practical test

Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 in Test

The Thule roof railing keeps its promisesWith a roof rail larger items can easily be transported by the vehicle. The carriers are bicycles, skis or even the holiday luggage moved over long distances. The helpful railings are manufactured by different manufacturers, their products often via the Internet offer.

A renowned producer of practical transport aids was founded in 1942 in Sweden. For many decades, the Swedish company Thule forth different roof rails. For current product range includes the WingBar Edge 959 , which we have tested extensively. Whether it is worth buying the tail boom, learn in this review.

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Functional Overview

  • maximum carrying load: 75 kg
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 5 kg
  • including theft

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  • silent even at high speeds
  • manufactured from sturdy aluminum
  • Suitable for bikes, boxes and skis
  • low air resistance
  • Simple & fast assembly
  • Lock with keys included


  • no

Delivery and packaging

The Thule products are offered via the Internet. We acquired our WingBar Edge 959, which we tested in port, a famous online shop. There, the roof railing was sold directly from the manufacturer.

It accounted for expensive intermediate costs by other dealers. We are saved also the transport of the carrier in a stable package is delivered.

After ordering passed little more than 48 hours for us the roof rail was passed. By robust package of support while WingBar of Thulewell protected in transit. So there is little risk that the rail is damaged on the delivery route. Bumps and minor shocks are absorbed well by the massive enclosure that the Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 protects.

In the package there are the largely pre-assembled components. The delivery of Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 is not only the actual roof rack, but also locks and keys that are used to secure the rail. In stable package is also located a guide that the performed installation portrays.

Manual and Installation

The operating instructions for the Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 explains the structure of the carrier.In the twelve pages, there are large-scale graphics that illustrate the assembly to the smallest detail. It explains, for example, how the locks are used in the carrier.

It also found evidence, by the volume that is created by the roof rail can be reduced.

Using the manual installation is carried out in a short time. We needed only 20 minutes to install the support for the first time on the roof of a test vehicle. The handles easily get out of hand. Due to the graphic instructions, the carrier may also from a beginner to be mounted, which has so far secured no railing on the vehicle. The following waste and construction of the carrier is carried out much faster.We needed only ten minutes after we had fixed the railing for the first time.

The roof railing at a glance

The Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 has winged forms on contributing to the catchy appearance of the wearer. Due to the slight curvature of the carrier creates a good fit , so that the two supporting elements are also on rounded roofs. These look quite presentable. They are WingBar preadjusted railingavailable in two different colors. The customer can be either a silver or black versionarise.

The support of the railing consist largely of solid aluminum , which is still relatively easy. There are large caps, which were formed of plastic on the sides of the carrier. The black elements also contribute to the attractive appearance, the Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 distinguished. The scope of supply also includes four telescopic legs, which are attached easily to the vehicle.

At the five-centimeter wide feet of Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 is the actual carrier mounted. Here the user can also choose from several variants.

The railing is in five different sizes available, which is always 5.5 kg heavy. So there is the appropriate vehicle for almost any vehicle.

All variants can weighing a maximum of 75 kg will be charged. Thus the Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 is assured to safely transport massive bicycles or heavy luggage.We have the railing of Thule also tested in practice. We built the support on several test vehicles, we moved the debate on highways, country roads and in city traffic. In the next section explains all results.

Practical test of the roof bar

After having screwed the support on our test vehicles, we ventured to the practical test . It turned out that the rail any major impact has on the car’s driving characteristics. Due to the curved forms the roof structure remains even at high speed very quiet. With other roof carriers often a loud whistle can be heard when the automobile is moving at high speed.

The Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 is also at higher speeds barely audible.

On the support different to roof boxes are mounted, for example, where luggage is transported. The boxes can be very safe WingBar in planfix. There is no danger that the luggage storage tumbles from the roof, when the carrier is properly installed. Bikes and skis can also very safe to be moved from place to place. By the simple mechanisms of assembly and dismantling of the rail is carried out in a short time.

The Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 featurescastles , through the roof rack can be optimally secured. Through the locks both carriers can also be fixed to the roof of the vehicle. A simple disassembly is only possible if the key of the lock is operated. So there is no danger that the bearing components are removed by strangers when the owner is not located in the vicinity of the vehicle.

The railing of Thule can therefore always remain on the roof, must fear a theft without the user.

We also tested with what weight the carrier may be charged. This showed that the safe transport of materials up to 75 kg can be hard without any problems is possible. In laden longer distances can be covered. We drove several hundred kilometers. The Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 could be easily use even over long distances. Ideal for the holidays or for longer trips, where a lot of luggage to be transported.

Helpful support for heavy loads

The Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 was in our test convincing in every respect. It is supplied in a short time when you will be ordered via a known online store. Subsequent initial installation is performed in a short time. The explanatory guide explains all the steps leading to the commissioning required the railing.

The subsequent use shows that the Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 very quiet remains, even if the vehicle with high speeds is moved. Both carriers from elegant aluminum exist, can be loaded with high weight. In our tests it was found that they carry around 75 kilograms.

Thus, the rail is, for example, for transporting heavy luggage or bicycles that accompany the traveler on vacation or during a trip.

By simple click mechanisms , the two carriers can always remove quickly. An additional anti-theft protection ensures safety. There is no risk that the two bearing components are removed by strangers when the securing lock is locked.

We can use the Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 For these reasons, thoroughly recommended. There is little roof rack that have done so well in our investigations. Who a massive income searches r, will surely get 959 with Thule roof rail WingBar Edge a system is used to transport safely in future luggage and other items.

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test result

Security & Stability


Summary: Lightweight, quiet, durable – these are the ideal characteristics of a roof railing, which combines the Wing Bar Edge in itself.


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