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Trelock BC 515 bicycle lock test

Trelock BC 515

Trelock bc 515

Trelock Castle BC-5151108-8001695-0

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The Trelock BC 515 is a chain lock with a length of 110 cm and a diameter of 8 mm. The manufacturer certifies this lock with a safety level of 5. The pin cylinder is provided with a drill protection, the lock with an automatic lock, a corrosion protection, a key path trap and a dust cover. Furthermore, this chain lock is heat spray, impact, cutting, bending, and saw-resistant. The Trelock BC 515 proves to be compact and very popular amongst the cyclists due to its characteristics.

Trelock BC 515 in the test

The chain lock BC 515 of Trelock comes with a neat length of 110cm and can thus be attached to both broader lanterns, as well as many other objects. Color comes in black with red and thick lettering. It is with 2.2kg quite heavy , which is also, however, only the high security of this bicycle lock makes possible. The chain lock from Trelock is available for just over € 55 and is suitable for medium-expensive bicycles.

advantages Disadvantages
Stiftung Warentest place 2 at the Kettenschlössern Fairly heavy (2.2kg)
ADFC recommendation
medium theft protection
long durability

Trelock BC 515 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The quality and processing of the chain and the closing mechanism we found not to be exposed, but for the conversion. This solved after several days something – something like that should not happen. This, of course, does not endanger the safety in any way, but the paint of the bicycle. In handling, the bicycle lock proves to be simple and impeccable. The key can be easily rotated without any problems, only the weight of more than 2kg could be too much for many.

Trelock BC 515 Test: break-proof

In safety terms, the castle cuts off quite well, it can with Level 5 of 6 levels score. Particularly the Armadon Attack System proves itself here and protects the closing body with specially hardened steel ideal. Furthermore, there is a dust cover, a corrosion inhibitor and a drop-off locking on board. In Stiftung Warentest it achieved an overall score of 2.7 and is now in 2nd place among the chain Schössern.

V Test: that says Stiftung Warentest

The lock of Trelock can collect particularly with the Schadsotten with a grade of 1.3 and with the durability with a score of 1.7 points. But even with the security against being broken it reaches a Satisfactory grade and in matters handling occurs also on the same note. Overall, the test falls at Stiftung Warentest good – after 2nd place.

Trelock BC 515 Test: Conclusion


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