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Trelock FS 300 Trigo bicycle lock tested

Trelock FS 300 Trigo

Trelock lock FS-300-Trigo-85-cm-black-195-x-55-x-4-cm-8001938-0

Trelock lock FS-300-Trigo-85-cm-black-195-x-55-x-4-cm-8001938-0
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This Trelock FS 300 Trigio is a folding lock. You can order it in the colors black, white and red. It is light, chic and strong and comes in a compact design. Due to the Trelock click-in guide, this lock is easy to handle even in the dark. It consists of a hardened steel shell and a tough core, which makes it resistant to any attack attempts. The lock corresponds to security level 3 and is delivered to you including a code card with which you can re-order lost keys.

Trelock FS 300 Trigo test

The bicycle lock FS 300 Trigo of Trelock is a folding lock and can be transported very space saving therefore. The length of the bicycle lock, as with most folding locks is quite limited, 85cm is available here. This allows the bicycle lock to be attached without problems to thinner objects – but a lantern can be difficult. The folding lock is available for 35 € and falls into the category of cheaper locks. It comes either in black, red or white, depending on your requirements. The black version is completely in black, the other two are designed with a little black.

advantages Disadvantages
Compact and lightweight only 85cm
Easy to carry with the bracket Only safety level 3
high durability

Trelock FS 300 Trigo Test: Quality Impression & Handling

In our test on processing and other basic flaws we could only festellen that the bicycle lock very well made is. Overall, the bike lock was good and easy to use in our tests, there were no major problems. Only that it is now a folding lock and therefore takes more time to connect than other locks. With the delivery of the bicycle lock come two keys and a holder of plastic for fastening to the frame or the bottle holder. Due to the extra bracket, it can not come to lacquer damage through the bicycle lock. – a plus.

Trelock FS 300 Trigo Test: break-proof

The specified security level of Faltschlosses of Trelock this castle is in the middle – at stage 3 of the possible 6 This does not detract from the castle but if it is not used in to expensive wheels.. Not professional thieves discourages it definitely by its robust external from, but against a real professional it is not on. The castle is good for cheap wheels suitable under € 200, with more expensive wheels we recommend a bicycle lock with a higher security level .

Trelock FS 300 Trigo Test: Conclusion


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