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Trelock FS 455 Cops Compact bicycle lock test

Trelock FS 455 Cops Compact

Trelock lock FS-455-Cops-ZC-401-Black-8001976-0

Trelock lock FS-455-Cops-ZC-401-Black-8001976-0Trelock lock FS-455-Cops-ZC-401-Black-8001976-0-0Trelock lock FS-455-Cops-ZC-401-Black-8001976-0-1

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Here you can see the Trelock FS 455 Cops Compact Folding Lock in color black. Trelock combines security and design with this lock. It is easy to handle and easy to handle. The link pins are particularly strong, they have a corrosion protection, a key path trap and a dust protection flap. With the help of the supplied key code on your code card, you can easily re-order the key. The folding dimensions of the Trelock FS 455 Cops Compact are 19.5 x 5.5 x 4 cm and it has the safety level 4.

Trelock FS 455 Cops Compact in the test

The folding lock FS 455 Cops from Trelock one of the shorter locks of its kind, with just 85cm length and stiffness of Faltschlosses enough it not for many objects. This damages the bicycle lock but only conditionally, after all, there are a lot of thinner connection possibilities. With a price of 60 € it is located in the middle of the price range for bicycle Schösser . It comes in an almost completely black design with a little white.

advantages Disadvantages
Compact and lightweight inflexible
Easy to carry with the bracket medium theft protection
high durability No chance against professionals

Trelock FS 455 Cops Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The FS 455 Cops Faltschloss characterized by an error-free processing and a robust quality of. In our investigations we found no deficiencies. Unfortunately offers bike lock but due to its folding mechanism not particularly comfortable handling – it takes a little length to connect it as an example, a chain lock . With its weight of 1.1kg, it is quite easy and it can also be very convenient attach a bag to the bicycle frame.This sits very well in our test and hardly wiggles.

Trelock FS 455 Cops Test: break-proof

The bike lock features specified by the manufacturer on asecurity level of 4 – six are possible with Trelock. This keeps him in the upper midfield in terms of safety. It is very suitable to slightly more expensive wheels to secure up to 300 € – with more expensive bikes but should one with a higher level of security be used. The 5-pin cylinder is provided with a drill protection and many parts of the lock are equipped with a specially hardened steel.This prevents, among other things, cold spray and cutting tools. At Stiftung Warentest it reaches a total score of 3.6 – this is not very good, but you have to compare it – folding doors are very small and have a few disadvantages in terms of safety. An amateur thief, however, it will still be very difficult to crack the bike lock, but a professional with the right move has unfortunately not much to put.

Trelock FS 455 Cops test: that says Stiftung Warentest

The marks in the field of security against being broken comes to 4.1, this also shows that the castle is to crack. However, just with some time, experience and the right tool. The handling can not, of course, reach a peak with a folding lock, but still comes to a satisfactory note. The durability can be good but with a good points and also the pollutant values are low, here it reaches a very good.

Trelock FS 455 Cops Test: Conclusion


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