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Trelock FS500 Toro bicycle lock test

Trelock FS500 Toro

Trelock fs500 toro

Trelock-FS500-Toro Bicycle Lock-Folding Lock-Lock-Level 5-01200134-0Trelock-FS500-Toro-Bicycle Lock-Folding Lock-Lock-Level-5-01200134-0-0Trelock-FS500-Toro-Bicycle Lock-Folding Lock-Lock-Level-5-01200134-0-1Trelock FS500 Toro Bicycle Lock Folding Lock Lock Level 5-01200134-0-2 Price: 99.90   *

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The Trelock FS500 Toro folding lock offers you a safety level of 5 and comes in color black. It is characterized by particularly strong hinge pins and has a plastic holder for attachment to frames or bottle holder eyes of your wheel. It is 90 cm and has a fold size of 21 x 6,5 x 4 cm. The locking cylinder has a closing mechanism armouring, a corrosion protection as well as a key path trap. You will get a folding key next to the folding lock.

Trelock FS500 Toro in test

The FS 500 Toro is the best folding lock Trelock – but also offers no more security than FS 455. It is slightly longer, but only 5cm, so it comes on eie length of 90cm. This allows the bike lock to connect the wheels to most lanterns and attachments – but with thicker columns it has its problems. For about 70 € it is to have and comes in either white or black.

advantages Disadvantages
Compact and lightweight No chance against heavy tools
very durable increased pollutant levels
high durability

Trelock FS500 ToroTest: Quality impressions and handling

The bike lock made us a very good impression, especially its durable materials are permanently a great advantage. The workmanship is impeccable and the Fall mechanisms functioned immdf liquid in our test. The handling also showed no problems, except that they slightly More time just needed as a folding lock. The lock comes at a weight of 1.3kg, which is still one of the lighter. With the supplied bracket, the lock can be attached to the frame of the bike, which mostly works very well – just cobbled on cobbles.

Trelock FS500 Toro Test: break-proof

The Toro of Trelock comes with a security level of 5 – at Trelok there are only six. While this is at first glance quite sympathetic, but the bicycle lock reached in terms of security not good values at Stiftung Warentest . It protects without problems from amateur thieves and acts thanks to its sturdy exterior quite discouraging. With simple tools the lock is not easy to break, but with heavy tools it is not a problem. It is the safest and strongest folding lock from Trelock.

Trelock FS500 Toro test: that says Stiftung Warentest

In the test of Stiftung Warentest it reaches a total rating of 3.7 – the same as the FS 455 Cops. Also in terms of security, it comes to the same value, a score of 4.1. However, it is better in terms of durability, the grade is better by 0.5 – just a very well reached the bicycle lock. However, a few more pollutants were installed, so that there is a smooth 2 there.

Trelock FS500 Toro Test: Conclusion


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