Roof mounted bike carriers / Unitec 75318 roof lift Evolution: Bicycle carrier test winner

Unitec 75318 roof lift Evolution: Bicycle carrier test winner

Unitec 75318 roof lift Evolution

The roof lift of Unitec is our winnerBy bicycle roof rack 75318 Roof Lift Evolution , the manufacturer Unitec has come up with something very special. A major disadvantage of bicycle roof rack is the impractical and tedious assembly of the bicycle on the car roof. Another major drawback is the increased air resistance by the stationary bicycles on the roof. These two disadvantages of this manufacturer has taken to heart and has the help of a roof lift counteracted. Whether he is really successful with his idea learn in our comprehensive practical test report below.

We can advance much betrayed: This model of Unitec is our winner among bicycle roof racks ! Below you can find out more!

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roof rack

test winner

Functional Overview

  • for the underlying transport of Fährrädern
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 14 kg
  • suitable for 2 Fährräder


  • simple and fast assembly
  • low air resistance by side mounting
  • easy disassembly
  • Delivery includes a wall bracket


  • no

The data for Unitec 75318 roof lift Evolution roof rack

The roof rack of Unitec can up to 2 bicycles a 15 kg transport weight on the car roof. According to the manufacturer of the roof bars for all different types of bicycles and frame styles suitable. Use of roof lift can be the Bicycles laterally mounted on the car and then they push up on the car roof. The bicycles are then laterally on the car roof and reducing by their lying position the air resistance significantly.

The bicycle roof rack is according Unitec suitable for all standard roof rack and vehicles be.

Supplied with an additional wall mount is listed using which one can fix the bikes easily and save space in the garage. Another advantage of the lock of the bicycle rack, using the bikes should be safe from theft.

Two things you should consider before buying this roof carrier:

– First, you should use the information provided by the vehicle manufacturer regarding the permissible roof load check.! The roof load you calculated as follows: roof load = roof bars + bike rack bicycles +

– Second, you should pay attention to the sustainability of their base support on her car roof. The lifting capacity they calculate as: Capacity = + bike rack bicycles

Furthermore, the manufacturer recommends the maximum speed of 130 km / h is not exceeded, as otherwise may change or degrade the dynamic driving behavior significantly.

Unitec 75318 roof lift Evolution roof rack in the practical test

The assembly of the roof rack proceeded wellWe ordered the roof lift of Unitec Amazon and after 2 days the package was there. The parts of the roof rack were carefully packed and recognized at first glance, and even at second glance have no flaws or damage.

Our experts have tested the installation of bicycle roof rack of Unitec on different types of vehicles and ground vehicles. On average you have for the initial installation requires approximately 40 minutes and at a second attempt they managed it in about 20-25 minutes to mount the carrier on the roof. We have tested only once and found that it really is alone very difficulty and exhausting mounting the roof rack with a person. We recommend the roof rack to install in pairs on the roof.

If one considers a few things at the Monday, then the whole process to take place easily:

  • The two supporting bars of the bicycle rack must parallel and are fixed at an equal distance. In many vehicle types these mounting points are fixed. However, there are cars with no fixed fixing points are provided for the carrier bars. Here should distance of bars at least 70 cm and a maximum of 80 cm , respectively.
  • The bicycle frame can be fixed with the appropriate holding arms and screws on the bicycle carrier.
  • The bikes are also lashed even with two bicycle safety straps around the rims.
  • To better fix the bikes you should secure it with the 5-meter safety belt.
  • Before you want to push the bicycle carrier on the lateral position on the roof you should definitely once the check position of the handlebars and the pedals , otherwise there is a risk that something jammed or the vehicle receives one or the other scratches.
  • If you want to load the bike rack with a bike you should set this best on the outer rail.
Do not forget to dismantle child seats and bike baskets before mounting the bike.

The burden of this carrier can also easily by a woman pushing on the roofAfter the assembly phase, we tested the support of the drive. We drove it through towns, across the country and on the highway. Even dirt roads and rough terrain, we tested the bike rack.

Within the city and in the country crossing we did not notice the roof rack. Due to the inclined position of the bicycles, there is a considerably lower air resistance than the roof beams with stationary bicycles and we can notice both the fuel consumption and on the volume.
Also on the highway sat the bike rack stable and calmon the car roof. As we have traveled over rough terrain hear squeak a little and creak the roof rack and the bikes, but also with this ride both bikes and car nothing happened.

Last but not least we have the bikes again mounted on the roof. The dismantling of the bicycle rack runs even easier than the installation and then leave the bikes in no time taking off the roof and waiting to be used.

Practically, we also found the possibility that one may mount the bicycle rack together with the mounted thereon bicycles on the wall. We also tested this and can say this much: In the summer, this type of storage is not likely, because otherwise you are constantly busy the bikes down and reassemble up. For the winter this support is, however, very well suited. They stowed the bikes safe and space-saving on the garage wall or basement.


Our conclusion

The bicycles can be very space-saving wall-mounted using the supportAccording to our extensive testing we can only recommend this roof lift of Unitec. Under the roof beams, it has this roof lift even managed to square one , making our test winner among bicycle roof racks.

The convenient assembly and disassembly on the side of the car, the solid support and an aerodynamic We were absolutely convinced at this carrier. The manufacturer Unitec has blank here with something very refined and has with its roof lift eliminated the negative sides of a roof rack, and exploited the positive in itself.

We hope that we could help you and wish you a pleasant and safe journey and a wonderful bike ride!

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly


Summary: The manufacturer Unitec has let his roof lift something very special and therefore has a great success, even with us!


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