Roof mounted bike carriers / Unitec 75319 Alu support in the practical test

Unitec 75319 Alu support in the practical test

Unitec 75319 Alu support in Test

Roof rails UnitecFor several decades, is the German company Inter-Union ago accessories for automobiles.The 1962 created company with the toiletries from Nigrin and with its transport systems of the brand Unitec made a good name. With itslow beams , the manufacturer provides practical transportation for different vehicles.With a rail of the manufacturer, which serves as a basis for further constructions, created new space on the roof, the baggage, device or tool can be used.

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Functional Overview

  • maximum carrying load: 90 kg
  • Weight incl. Packing: about 3.6 kg
  • including theft

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  • rapid initial assembly
  • manufactured from sturdy aluminum
  • Suitable for bikes, boxes and skis
  • suitable for countless vehicles
  • Lock with keys included


  • loud whistling at higher speed
  • little accessories

The manufacturer sells roof rack that can be connected to other accessories. With the right attachments can be bicycles, skis or snowboards transport. At present, the Inter-Union offers among others the Unitec 75319 Alu support that we were able to try out in a detailed test.

Whether the carrying system could prove, learn in this review. We clear about the strengths and weaknesses of the rail, which is sold at reasonable prices. In our conclusion , find out of course, whether the purchase of the Unitec worth railing.

Delivery, packaging and commissioning

The products of Inter-Union were first sold locally, as the company founded in Landau was. In this picturesque village, which is located in the Palatinate, the company is headquartered today. The manufacturer’s products are now but also in many other places.

The Inter-Union adds hundreds of workshops and shops with their articles. Even some well-known mail order companies have taken up the railings of Inter-Union in their range. So not only the shipping giant Amazon Unitec 75319 aluminum roof railing at a great price to. Other shipping transactions as Plus sell the transport system also.

We ordered our railing on the Internet. So we could not only benefit from a much lower price, which does not offer the retail trade. Finally, we saved us transport the railing that had not spent laboriously into the trunk after purchase.

Instead, the product of the Inter-Union, which now has the DB Schenker group heard easily delivered to your home . It is located in a rugged package that was passed in our case by the employee of a logistics company.Dimensions of Unitec Roof railsBy thick cardboard the rail is protected against damage during transport. If vibrations or even shocks which threaten during the long supply routes, there is little risk that the carrying system is damaged. The stable package that only when transferring 3.6 kgweighs, ensures the protection. A look inside the package indicates that not only the two supporting elements, but also fastening components and instructions are included. In the package is even tool .

With the help of the manual and the Allen key supplied allows the Unitec 75319 Fasten Alu carrier quickly to the roof. In the instructions, all steps are explained which during the installation must be carried out. The support can easily be mounted when a matching basis is available.

To find effective fixations, which can be attached by means of a locking mechanism at the railing of automobiles on the sides of the carrier. The first installation consumes little time. For this, the carrier must be aligned and fixed with allen key.

We were able to Unitec 75319 aluminum roof rack for an installation time of approximately five minutesloaded. Thus, the carrier could use much faster than other models. By comparison, it went about half an hour until we similar in construction 1466 Roof rail Aurilis Green Valley could use.

Data carrier

Bike on roof barsUnlike other carrying system, which are made of steel, is the Unitec 75319 carrier primarily of lightweight aluminum . Therefore, the carrier is substantially lighter than comparable products.So that weighs Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 railing, which is made of steel, about five kilograms.Due to the low weight which is mounting the Unitec carrier significantly easier.

The construction can be carried out at a plurality of vehicles. Already on the packaging numerous vehicle types are named by different manufacturers, to which the support of the Inter-Union can be attached. The long list includes cars from Alfa Romeo, Audi and BMW.

Many vehicles from Ford, Fiat and Kia are also supported . In the current models of Opel and Volkswagen , the rail can be mounted as it were. Thus, the carrying system fits among other older Zafiramodels, on which otherwise can be mounted only a few other carriers.

On the roof creates a lot of space when the Unitec 75319 Alu carrier is mounted. We measured by. We have found that between the edges of the crossbar was a distance of 107 centimeters. In diameter carrying these elements are 4.8 centimeters thick. Thus ensures the thick-walled aluminum, of which there are a few plastic components for high stability.

The good processing of different materials draws the support of Brand Unitec out. Whether the carrying system could also convince in practice, see the next section.

The support in the practical test

Because a groove is at the top of racks, roof boxes can be fixed very safe. The grooves of the rail do however noticeable when the vehicle is accelerating at a faster pace. At speeds of 70 to 95 kilometers per hour, developed by the wind, the effort by the grooves, a whistling sound . The ugly tone can be perceived even in the interior.

In return, the usual boxes from different manufacturers can be very easily attached to the support. We fixed as the transport boxes of the manufacturer Thule , a combination that brings extra space. We loaded the vehicle with a high weight, which was also made of conventional luggage. It turned out that the support of the Inter-Union has grown even larger loads. The connection that is created between the rails, the support and the additional components mounted to luggage can be transported very safe.Ski transport with roof rails

A safe transport of bicycles is also possible if the Unitec, is equipped with the appropriate accessories 75319 Alu support which serves as a base. It was found that the base support of the railing carry a big weight. We took advantage of the transport system, for example, to move several heavy bikes. We also examined whether it is possible to transport winter sports equipment. With the right paper, we could also skis and snowboards spend at the destination.

Over time, we could even the initial reducing mentioned pipes . We glued the grooves of Unitec railing of Inter-Union with simple tape . Now we can use the base even with the windows open, even when the vehicle accelerated to higher speeds.

Multifunctional carrier for a small price

The German manufacturer of the Inter-Union support can convince in almost all respects . With the help of instructions and the supplied Allen wrench can be easily mounted in a few minutes on the vehicle the Unitec-product. In fact, the carrier may at various automobiles are mounted. The transport system adapts to the current models of the most famous car manufacturers.

Data and facts about bicycle racksOn the roof creates a lot of space , which can be used for transporting luggage, means of transport or even die.Thanks to the grooves can be roof boxes very safe fix on the railing. There is no possibility that the filled box leaves the car.

At high speeds the grooves but also provide an unpleasant noise . The whistling sound can however be reduced by taping. Then, the noise does not bother so much when the Unitec 75319 aluminum support is used.

A big plus is the security system , which makes the theft of Unitec 75319 Alu support. Thanks to the castle , which is located on one side of the rail, the carrier can not be so easily removed. Additional components are generally mounted quickly. This allows the carrier to use for different transports. Winter sports or bicycle trips are simplified because caused by the carrier a lot of space.

For these reasons we can Unitec 75319 Alu support of the Inter-Union recommended .He is an excellent transport alternative, which can also be used with many vehicles.Then arises the basis for different shipments that are possible with other constructions.Consumers are the not regret buying.

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test result


6th place

Summary: A medium-priced roof rails which scores with its high compatibility and security.


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