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Vantly seater

The Vantly is also available as a single-seater. Practically each small family. The by its brown color rather unimpressive acting child bike trailer, it has after all in itself. We once the most important characteristics of the small runabout for them summarized.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger Vantly-chuckThe Vantly seater sports Dual is ideal for a sporty family. The pneumatic wheels and low center of gravity make it tip over, thus allowing it to be on the road and on uneven ground. As noted positively by some customer also has the small occupant a lot of fun with the gentle rocking, what you in the well-padded seats and the soft suspension, also can blame him not. It can comfortably drinsitzen and the environment by the large cut window, enjoy. Not even the sun, rain and insects can disturb him by the great multi-function roof.A true fun for young and old.

What can he all?

He is a little rounder. Due to its aluminum frame and thus low weight of 12.5 kg of Vantly is hardly noticeable as singles. One can him by his jogger fork and additional wheel, easily converted into a stroller. What firstly has the advantage in addition to the cycling, to can go jogging with the child.On the other hand, you can do it as a pram, and a load-carrying capacity of 27 kg, also comfortably use as a shopping cart. The strollers feature is also very useful, should the child fall asleep again, because it may be there without waking it, just take. If one needs a good piece for a long time, such as in winter, no, it can be easily folded and stowed away.

If the safe?

As mentioned above, there are many points for a great steadiness. The large, 20-inch pneumatic tires and low center of gravity promote road tremendously. Should it nevertheless happen little, well protected by the roll bar and the side impact protection. The reflectors in white, red and yellow, which are on all sides, making it clearly visible in the dark. What you unfortunately can not be said of his brown, inconspicuous color.

Luxury car or clunker?

The at first glance not very luxurious acting bicycle trailer is priced like a VW, with the amenities of a Mercedes. The most important for us parents is always the safety of our little ones, and that is by the high circulation of safety precautions, ie: where rollbar, side impact protection, reflectors and safer roadholding, many opinions to what is not obvious at the rather low price, , From the perspective of the occupant of the child’s bicycle trailer is more likely to belong to the luxury class.The small passenger can make yourself absolutely comfortable with the spacious interior, the padded seats. allow the large windows that he thus missed nothing and enjoy the view to the fullest. Should he still in the gentle rocking, sleep times and slip something into the straps, this is not a problem. Because also the straps are padded and can not cut, which is also a not contemptible aspect that.

And the driving experience?

At 12.5 kg of Vantly sport is not one of the lightest child bicycle trailers, but it is what it is concerned, still at the forefront. The lightweight aluminum frame and the maneuverability, make the single-seater on flat paths quasi unnoticed roll afterwards. But also, by many, very popular lanes, standing back while driving feel about anything. The comfort of the interior and the soft suspension, there is also determined in the offspring nothing to complain about.

Keeps the well for a while?

Nothing lasts forever, but the Vantly makes seater for its small size, a robust impression. The case is indeed, inclusive floor, held only in textiles, but evaluates it off in any way. The material remains waterproof and rugged. I also have brought nothing to the contrary in experience. He can already endured a lot and is safe even chauffeured one or the other sibling safe and dry through the area.

What do I get for the price?

The Vantly is priced in good middle class, has it but a lot to offer. For example, as an extra clutch for gear hub, a convertible for joggers, a relatively low weight, insect repellent and one for the little ones cozy and safe equipment. Through the easy-made folding well stowed so that it can be easily packed in the trunk, to travel with it. The price-performance ratio. The single-seater moves in midfield. Of course more luxurious amenities, especially traffic-safe colors. It comes just depends on what you are looking for. You can drive with the trailer in all the way, what’s for sporting cyclists of great importance. So one can share his hobby from the very beginning with his youth. He is small and agile and it fits just about anywhere by. In this respect, he fully fulfilled its purpose. For summer lovers who there in winter prefer warm and cozy, the option is to ask the child’s bicycle trailer on skis, such as the Chariot Cougar 1, probably not so important. What makes final finally also priced noticeable.

test criteria

criteria rating
total  3/5
functionality    3/5
safety    4/5
Comfort    2/5
Price-performance    3/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    4/5


  • Low center of gravity, good road
  • Quick collapsible
  • including suspension
  • Including parking brake


  • Poor visibility
  • Brake is criticized now and then seems to be difficult
  • Ergonomics of the seat deficient


The Monz Vantly bicycle trailer Jogger Sport + tricycle is a stylish and handy companion for active parents who fulfills all the conditions for safe use in traffic. The single-seater is available both as a bicycle trailer as well as a jogger.

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Technical specifications

seating 1
seat width 45 cm
Interior height 58 cm
legroom 51 cm
Weight (empty) 12.5 kg
Trunk depth 20 cm
L x W x H 90 x 72 x 88 cm
L x W x H (folded) 102 x 60 x 34 cm
tires 20 inch

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