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Vivafit 2-in-1 – Child Bike Trailer

An unmissable bargain – there may yet what is wrong, right?

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger Vivafit 2in1You want a penny to spend too much and yet comfortable for their children? Then you should take the VIVFIT 2in1 pull to heart. Simple design structure, with partly approve detailed solutions; it scores it. elsewhere

What can he all?

The Vivafit 2in1 is a two-seat followers of the rather lower class. The comfortable suspension scores but enormously here. There is no other so cheap bicycle trailer on the market containing a full suspension for the price. The construction took place uncomplicated for most customers, even though one or the other but had difficulty. Unfortunately, there is no practical folding system for the trunk, as is the case with other more expensive models. The multifunctionality can yet be seen, from the bicycle trailer for joggers like wildfire, it is questionable how many times the front wheel and can be removed during the processing quality. The full suspension vehicle can be currently for 79 Euro in red / black, white / black, orange / black or yellow / black purchase.

If the safe?

Now in security streams this model does not necessarily. Of course, to be fulfilled security measures are in place. How about the roll bar, which is to protect their children from falls and overturns in an emergency. The welds of Alugestells are mediocre, but for the price also reasonable. The axis is the way of steel, a plus about stability. Safety reflectors are present, however, we recommend for safety reasons LED lamps to install (especially the rear). The rear light of Zugfahrrads Namely obscured by bicycle trailer.Some customers complain about the mounting design of the wheels. These are unfortunately only fastened with plastic part and may not be suitable for long-term use. Almost all customers of Vivafit smelled enormously by plastic (especially the tires).The smell is perceptible in almost all its competitors in the lower price category. This is due to the use of phthalates and other plasticizers commonly found in bicycle trailers Whether sufficient reason is their children so as not to drive around the neighborhood? This must then but everyone decide for themselves. We recommend before the first ride a thorough airing of several days. And who wants to be sure, the plan covering with water and blurred soap (organic soap) wash (Note: The materials are often impregnated with raincover, this they would have after the repeat of a shower with a spray!) On the positive side, the pivot of the clutch. If the lead bicycle should fall over the trailer is like a one.

Luxury car or clunker?

Of course, no luxury cars – rather a simple bike trailer with all the necessary features. However, in the comfort he overhauled his competition enormously. Comparable models within the price range have namely usually no suspension. The fully sprung rear axle of the Bluebird 2-in-1 protects the backs of their children and makes bumpy roads a breeze. Compared to high-quality suspension, is this simple and not adjustable. Nevertheless, for the price an absolute hit. The manufacturer recommends that the car with children above 18 months old should be loaded. The passenger cell should be in our opinion, be mentioned, since it is extremely highly rated and are even older children still enough space in the headspace, just with bicycle helmet, this can be tight in some models. Not the Bluebird.

And the driving experience?

The wheels could permanently wobbly effect especially when the maximum weight is maxed out by 40kg. Most customers are very happy with the paucity of Gefährts. And the steel structure is available in the stable and hardly at risk due to the weight of 19 kg from tipping over. Incidentally, the weight is above average for a bike trailer that could be stressful in wine areas or hilly areas.

Keeps the well for a while?

Not the best workmanship. Here you can expect that one or the other part (such as the Radschlauch) have to be substituted.

What do I get for the price?

Wow, that’s right tremendous. For the price a bicycle trailer with fully sprung rear axle is a bargain.We could only complain at the price / performance that they would have to invest in parts due to the processing. The price includes: Fully sprung rear axle rain repellent reference roll top and insect screen 2 side interior pockets rain repellent textile


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Looking for a cheap bicycle trailer for children, we have this – despite the different opinions – ordered and would anticipate that we are really satisfied.Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total 3 /5
functionality    3/5
safety    3/5
Comfort    4/5
Price-performance    4/5
processing    2/5
maneuverability    3/5


  • Cheap to purchase
  • Has a suspension
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Large head space (important when wearing the helmet)
  • Pivot in the coupling (reduced rollover)


  • Strong plastic smell when buying new ones
  • Cheap solution for individual parts (Ex. Fastening of wheels)
  • Not 100% rainproof
  • High weight


The Bluebird 2-in-1 is a model for bargain hunters. Cheap to buy, comfortable and conserve for the backs of their children, thanks to shock absorbers and even as a jogger convertible. With just a few compromises, such as in the processing, we can recommend them this model anyway.

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Technical specifications

seating 2
Internal volume L x W x H 73 x 60 x 60 cm
L x W x H (folded) 75 x 22 x 70 cm
weight 19 kg
payload 40 kg

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