Rear mounted bike racks / Westfalia 350030600001 Towing vehicle in test

Westfalia 350030600001 Towing vehicle in test

Westfalia 350030600001 Towing vehicle in test

Rear carrier system from the German manufacturer WestfaliaWith a practical bike carrier wire donkey can be safely transported over long distances. Ideal for holidays or weekend excursion, be used in the bikes. Such carriers are often mounted on the roof or at the rear of the automobile. The rear carrierusually require only a commercial trailer couplingon which the transport is to be suspended.

Such rear carrier are produced by many different companies. In Germany, among others, support the renowned are manufacturer Westfalia offered that has included many transport systems to its range. Currently Westfalia offers among other things his350030600001 hitch carrier on which at least two wheels can be accommodated. The module can alsowith a box can be fitted. So can also move luggage to the carrier.

The 350030600001 Towing carrier Westfalia is manufactured in Germany. We have checked the transportation facility extensively. Here, many disclosed advantages . But we also discovered somedrawbacks , which we with this review enlighten. We also reveal whether the purchase of the carrier pays.

Delivery and packaging
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Functional Overview

  • Trailer hitch bike rack
  • Weight: 17.5 kg
  • 60 kg payload
  • electrical lighting elements

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  • pre-assembled
  • fast mounting and dismantling
  • including theft
  • can be folded stow away
  • Secure and firm grip


  • hardly Accessories

The Westfalia 350030600001 hitch carrier is in a sturdy cardboard box delivered to the user when he acquires the transport system on the Internet. Many dealers who have specialized in the distribution of such systems, provide support on the known online stores at. Thus, the future users not only save in the price . Finally, the transport of bicycles is easily delivered to your home.

We ordered our 350030600001 Towing vehicle that we tested in the terminal, also a well-known online store.

It took a few days until this transport system was passed. It is not only through the sturdy carton , but also by rear carrier with bikesfurther packaging material protected. Stable Styrofoam encloses the bicycle carrier. Thus, there is no great danger that the carrier is damaged during delivery.Inside the boxes there is the transport system , which is already completely assembled is. The subsequent use of the bearer is a detailed guide explains that accompanies the product also. There is also described how the bicycle carrier secured against theft can be. After the brief reading of comprehensible instructions, the transport system can be taken directly out of the box, which at this very moment 23 kg is heavy. Thereafter, the system is easily fitted to the clutch of the vehicle.

It pass a few minutes , then the carrier with bikes or a box can be fitted. The installation, which is required in other racks, eliminated completely.

Here the support of Westfalia is superior to many products, which are manufactured by the competition.For comparison: The equally we tested Menabo Race III rear carrier must be assembled first. Here take up to three hours to the support of Menabo can be used. The users of the transport system of Westfalia spares these artisanal troubles. Thus, the carrier may save a lot of points in this test category.The easy installation on the example of the previous model shows this info Video:

The roof railing at a glance

The Westfalia 350030600001 hitch carrier was made of metal and plastic made, which was well finished.The elements, which are particularly exposed to high loads, are made of metal. Other components were created from sturdy plastic. The carrier has two major tracks. There, the bicycle carrier can be fastened.

At the end of the massive construction, there are light-emitting elements , the security increase. The The Westfalia 350030600001 Towing carrier has its own lights, brakes and turn signals.

The energy required relates to the carrier via the terminal, which is adjacent to the clutch of the vehicle.

rear carrierThe carrier may even three bicycles transport, if it is equipped with an additional rail, the manufacturer offers.The carrying system can also with a practical case be fitted, which is also offered by Westfalia. So also luggage and other items can be very safe moves.

Can be found at the construction massive gripper , with which boxes and bicycles can be mounted very securely.The bikes are in gutters, which can be moved by the user.Thus, for very small bike safely fix. Larger bicycles can also be transported easily. On the Westfalia 350030600001 Towing carrier fit even electric wheels because the suspension system over a wide wheelbase offers. All wire donkey can with extra flaps are fixed, which are located at the troughs.

Practical test of the roof bar

The little more than 20 kg heavy construction of Westfalia has an extremely well thought out. So it has apractical mechanism by which the carrying system can be folded. If required, the support of up to 90 degrees turn. So almost all luggage compartments of vehicles can be achieved. We tested the support of different automobiles. We have found that the trunk is always easy to reach without disassembly being necessary.

The Westfalia 350030600001 hitch carrier is so light that it already by a single personcan be placed on the clutch.

There is little danger that the vehicle will be damaged by the placement. Thereafter, the bicycle can easily be placed on the vehicle. In a few minutes the bikes are fixed. Then, the carrier can also be used to fix the wheel over long distances.However, many users are their Westfalia 350030600001 Towing modes do not need. Since it is particularly convenient that the transport system on most small dimensions can be folded. The carrier is then only 58 centimeters wide, 22 centimeters high and 69 centimeters long. The system fits into many trunks. It can be quite fundamentally very space-saving stowed.

Another advantage is the well-functioning security. If necessary, the carrier can be firmly fixed by means of a lock that a theft almost impossible is. Finally, the transport system is so firmly attached to the trailer hitch that it can not be removed. Bicycles can also by a theft system to back up. So there is much less risk of the beloved bike is stolen when the vehicle is stationary.

Mounted model for bicycles and luggage

The Westfalia 350030600001 hitch mounted carrier is already in the German manufacturing plant. Toaccount for the complicated construction , which inbeen mounted rear carrier of Westfalia on carmust be carried out other carriers. The transport system is instead only taken out of the box. Thereafter, the carrier must only on the clutch are set. This allows the model of Westfalia use very quickly.

In everyday use, the carrier Impressed by the safe rails on which up to two bicycles can be fixed. Additional fixtures make another stop.

Even more security is created by the rear lamps , will be informed by the other road users constantly on the vehicle, which was equipped with the support of Westfalia.

After use can be the carrier collapsed to the smallest extent. It consumes only a limited space. For these reasons we can Westfalia 350030600001 Towing support wholeheartedly recommend. It is especiallyfor beginners suitable who want to avoid the installation. Additional boxes in which baggage can be transported, but are not inclusive , but must be purchased separately.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

3rd place

Summary: This Westfalia cycle carrier is ideal for beginners thanks to the simple installation.


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