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Test Winner: POWERPAC – MOUNTAIN BIKE E-Bike Test Winner

Driving pleasure without end offers Powerpac Mountain Men pedelec, the ultimate E Bike winner . With hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear, a rear engine and a lithium-ion battery ( 36V 16 AH ) without memory effect (ie, it can also store when the power has not been completely used), it is absolutely deserved, the winner of our big E Bike test ‘s to be! The frame height of the E bikes is 50 cm. The high-capacity battery has an overall range of 100 km at maximum power assistance (manufacturer information). In our test, it managed to 75km with a weight of 85kg , which is comparatively moderate absolute top class, especially with a 250W motor. Of course is standard traction help, a charger, a tool set and a LCD display for PAS speed and distance display.

Features of E-Bike Test Winner

The E bike has a gear hub motor with 36 V, 250 W . The total weight of Powerpac E bikes is 24 kg . Maximum bicycle with additional 120 kg weight can be loaded so that the maximum permissible total weight not 144 kg may exceed what the e-bike comparison again is one of the most robust wheels.

Powerpac Mountainbike - Hydraulic disc brakes

Powerpac Mountainbike – Hydraulic disc brakes


Powerpac Mountainbike – 7-speed gearbox

You will receive this e Powerpac bike with a black aluminum frame. Switched it is with a 7 speed gearbox type TX-55 Shimano . The E Bike has front suspension fork for opitmalen cushion the shocks, which is very positive to the handling and very comfortable on the driving behavior of E Bike winner’s   effect. Further, a front and rear light is mounted, corresponding to the requirements of traffic regulations. The visual performance of the lamps in the dark far above the average.

The motor-assisted maximum speed is constant 25 km / h.During braking, the electric motor is switched off , which is a very positive safety feature of the e-bikes. A helmet is compulsory for the E Bike test winner not because it engages only in so-called S-Pedelcs. Also neither liability insurance if a number plate is required to run the bike in road traffic may.

Optionally Powerpac e-bike can be equipped with a luggage rack, a cup holder and a tire puncture protection. 4.8 of 5 stars


customer Support

The customer support is obtained from the Powerpac Construction GmbH for Powerpac E-Bike from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 to 17 o’clock and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm . The telephone service was free and we have the staff really put to the test . Nevertheless, we were helped very patient. In the case of submission : all service and repair work to be carried out fairly quickly , but we were told by a customer that he initially until tested in the problem with the program in advance had to occur. These costs were, however, to that refund . All spare parts required are available, since the Powerpac Construction GmbG makes these pedelecs itself. Normally: the bike is picked up by the seller, the manufacturer repaired and sent back via Spediton Per forwarding . Simple and convenient, a customer can not be executed, so 5 out of 5 stars .



The design of the Powerpac mountain bike pedelec is outstanding, modern and functional. The high- quality aluminum frame of the test comparedbest E Bikes is in black held and looks very stylish and classy . With this bike you are guaranteed to be more often on the go, because with the sporting black frames, can you look so like to see. The workmanship is absolutely high quality and just on hot days, the motor is a laudable driving support for any terrain secrete without overheating or unpleasant odors . 5 of 5 stars

powerpac steering wheel

Price and Performance

The E bike winner of Powerpac is high-quality. Both the frame and the engine are high , in this price range to none . Even at full capacity andmaximum engine support holds battery 70 km . The best pedelec in the test is a great pleasure and is worth especially at high load and high temperatures pure fun and worth every penny. An absolutely recommendable E Bike class and therefore deserves E Bike winner . 5 of 5 stars

POWERPAC - Mountain bike - E Bike Test Winner

POWERPAC – Mountain bike – E Bike Test Winner



The Powerpac Mountain Men Bike pedelec is deserves the best E Bike in pedelec test . It is very reliable and shows keinelei significant weaknesses. Even with the greatest burden and maximum support of the battery lasts 70-75 km on a slope of 0.7% durchscnittlich. The hydraulic brakes grab to quickly and reliably. With the 7-speed Shimano circuit one is making rapid advances and may everywhere to choose the right level of the resistance. A very good e bike, which we can only recommend. The price-performance ratio is great. For his money gives a return, which absolutely corresponds. 5 of 5 stars



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