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Winther Dolphin – Child Bike Trailer

Premium from Denmark. Find out why the Dolphin not only cooperates priced above.

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kinderfahrradanhaenger winther-dolphinThe Danish manufacturer Winther offers its classic “Dolphin” in “New Edition” on – time to take it in detail under the microscope.At first glance, the two-seater already convinced even by his visual Qualiäten. Skandinawische minimalism meets functionality and aerodynamic design. Dressed he comes in black or red.Although black looks classy from the geriungere visibility in dim light but it should be remembered, and therefore prefer to resort to flashy signal color.
The Dolphin series comes in two editions: Dolphin NE ( “new edition”) and Dolphin XL. They differ mainly go down in the external dimensions of the car, but we are investigating both models in the appropriate places on the differences.

What can he all?

The Dolphin series works both as bike trailer as well as a stroller, and includes in the supply and equal all accessories for both applications.
It can be used as singles as well as a two-seater. For both versions is enough space – especially falls, even in the non-XL variant a generous headroom on. The XL Edition is again 6 cm higher (thus total 76cm) and thus can also accommodate the bigger incl. Helmet.

If the safe?

The price of course you can expect a decent suspension! The Dolphin comes with elastomer suspension, which unfortunately a bit the worse performance when compared with leaf suspension.Grade for rough terrain makes the leaf suspension a bit better services. For passengers lighter than 10kg, the suspension of some customers is described as quasi unusable because it does a good job only for larger weights. If they so their babies in a Weber Baby Seat (which is theoretically perfectly compatible) want chauffeured, they would be better off with another model.
Like almost all followers comes the Dolphin with five-point safety belts, which make a safe and well-made impression , When transported only a child can put it well and just in the middle, so the trailer remains in balance.
For safe and unbuckling a locking brake ensures -. The XL edition even has two of these
light strips ensure good visibility at dusk and in the dark. The rear of the Dolphins is held from the same reason in bright yellow and thus also helps the black model to a bit signal color. The red variety is visually course a bit more flashy.

Luxury car or clunker?

In terms of comfort of the Dolphin can score in every respect! The seatback is adjustable from sitting position at rest. Did dream for the passengers! In the reclined position, the generous luggage compartment is of course a bit smaller. In the upright position, it offers above average space for purchases and toys (60 liters). In addition, the seats (and straps) are comfortably upholstered.
The canopy works as a mosquito net and sunshade, where even multiple positions are possible.The side windows can be opened with a zipper and the solar power yet still protects against too intense, direct light.

And the driving experience?

With 80cm Overall width (this is true for both editions!) The trailer is one of the narrowest two-seater. This is pleasantly noticeable and you feel on narrow bike paths still well. The handling and directional stability is excellent as described – here you realize clearly why the Dolphin plays in the premium category.

Keeps the well for a while?

Even when working with this shows why the Dolphin has a comparatively high price: convince the materials used and radiation value from. In various forums clients describe the use of more than 5 years and more -. Without any problems or defects
The frame is made of hardened aluminum, which offers an ideal balance between low weight and high strength. The tub is made of impact resistant UV stable polyethylene and the tarpaulin waterproof nylon. Seams, zippers and vents allow nothing to be desired in terms of quality.

What do I get for the price?

The price is 900 € salted pretty with order. After all: the stroller wheel for Stroller function is included in Lieferunfang.
We must also remember that many decisions of the manufacturer, for example in the choice of materials, in terms of quality and not in favor of a low price were felled. If money plays a major role in their purchasing decisions, they face still for cheaper models around. We have been able to find any dissatisfied customers at Dolphin!


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Stable, holds 2 children’s bikes up from draufgelegt. Sitting or lying position possible! Have him since 5 years about and everything is great!Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total  4/5
functionality    4/5
safety    4/5
Comfort    5/5
Price-performance    3/5
processing    5/5
maneuverability    5/5


  • excellent workmanship
  • Good handling
  • Seats adjustable for Aufrechte- or lying position
  • High customer satisfaction


  • Suspension could be better
  • Comparatively high price


The main feature of the Dolphins is especially one thing: high customer satisfaction. If they want to play it safe, and have the wherewithal easy they make with the Dolphin nothing wrong!

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Technical specifications

seating 2
overall width 79 cm
Head height (from the seat) 70 cm / 76 cm
L x W x H (with steering and grip) 172 x 79 x 98 cm / 162 x 79 x 103 cm
L x W x H (folded) 101 x 79 x 39 cm
Weight (Base, with handle) 13.3 kg
payload 45 kg

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