Electric Bicycles / World Dimension Retro Crystal test: Place 6

World Dimension Retro Crystal test: Place 6

World Dimension Retro Crystal E-Bike Test

General information

Whoever thought the bike could not be reinvented, is wrong. Two wheels, a chassis and a handlebar – and finished was the fun device. Today, driving pleasure defined differently: A supporting E-motor brings the cyclists at the object of his desires. These are no longer newcomers which düfteln to ever new and even better driving techniques; also well-known bicycle manufacturers have recognized the signs of the time and have already jumped on the train. And the success proves them right: Every eighth-selling bike is a pedelec or e-bike. It is also no secret that there have been off-highway “Sport” versions – are mountain bikes to buy electric support – expressed thus simplified. Chain drive or belt drive to bring the power to the rear wheel. In the following article, we dedicate ourselves to the e-Bike World Dimension Retro Crystal test .

individual parts

The World dimension electric bicycle Crystal Retro proves itself in pedelec test as an e-bike of the latest generation. It combines grace and functionality. The ’26 “tires are integrated in a cream-colored aluminum frame. Clutter there is no: connection and brake cables are well installed, the 250-watt motor was set directly behind the seat post. The appearance is absolutely right in this retro bike. The low step supports the natural muscular strength of the cyclist up to 25 km / h, at stand 10 crossings of Shimano Acera 7v (freewheel: Shimano Super Low T14-34 ) available. The Shimanov brakes affairs the weight of 25 kilograms (net weight of Crystal Retro) playing. The lithium Removable 36V battery but needed a good 5 hours to full charge (600 charging cycles), then is another bike ride (up to 60 kilometers) nothing in the way. Would be a pity if you take the Crystal Retro `26″ aluminum 6S cream just for shopping in the city … Although: With leather sidebags on Porter and keckem Flechtkörbchen to the handlebar of you is with this almost nostalgic retro E-Bike with Security an eye . And it has much space, in such a basket! The purchase brings with the 250 Wattpractically home alone!


customer Support

The sale of E-Bike World Dimension Retro was the pedelec test on wholesalers Amazon unwound to full satisfaction. The Neapolitan seller can be reached form on Amazon good a customer support, and respond within three working days to requests. The customer reviews of this seller are positive to 99.9% . Who does not speak Italian, sends the request in German. The support staff are very keen, in the local language – (in our case, German) – respond. If something goes not go smoothly with the delivery, you can apply directly to Amazon also.


Retro is cult, as also evident in our e-bike test has shown the Crystal Retro: And from a very engaging style The resurgence of certain bicycle parts – such as the. Saddlebag and handles made of leather – as well as the wide, absolutely comfortable saddle – remember almost a little on the bikes after the war. What a charming e-bike but brings in the present day, are the technical details. Thus, not only the engine is meant – the analog display in the center of the handlebar , make it possible to see the bicycle as a new achievement of modernity. The cream-colored of the aluminum frame blends in a very special way with a few shades darker saddle leather and hand leather handles. The low step makes it – unlike his athletic brothers (eg HAIBIKE SDURO Hard Seven SL) also persons with handicap easily possible to swing into the saddle.






For concise 1,400 euros the E-Bike Crystal Retro is to acquire. Compared to other electric bikes that can be seen as positive. In pedelec test has shown that this clever retro bike with all the requirements will full justice : If the battery is slowly running out , you will be using the analog indicator , which is well within sight of the rider immediately noted . It is true that with further technical feats on Crystal Retro sparingly handled, but for a recreational bike it really has everything you would expect from a pedelec in this price range only. For a “normal” bike without electronic assistance can the enthusiastic cyclists and Retro Friend often almost even deeper into their pockets!


The conclusion in the World Dimension Retro Crystal test falls consistently positive: The comfortable Cruiser lets Bike tours are a truly pleasurable experience. Even if other routes are taken in planning, makes woken e-bike with very self-conscious. Attached to a basket on the handlebars, the picnic table is soon covered, attached to the luggage carrier sidebags can be well stocked with camera equipment – the beautiful photos long remember a nice bike ride through a dreamy, greenery. Even more demanding routes with steeper sections bring the smart pedelec not embarrassed. And the price is right!


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