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Zefal K-traz U14 bicycle lock tested

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Here you see the bracket K-traz U14 of the manufacturer Zefal. This lock is delivered in black and silver. It is suitable for securing your high-quality two-wheeler and protects it against theft attempts. The dimensions of the K-traz U14 are 32.6 x 16 x 2.8 cm and it weighs 1.6 Kg on the scales. It has the highest internal safety level of the manufacturer Zefal and is equipped with a special high-performance quadruple locking system, the Z-SAFE +.

Zefal K-traz U14 in the test

The Zefal K-traz U14 is a padlock and can be used very well to connect the frame of the bike to thinner mounting possibilities.Because this bike lock is not among the wider of its kind, it can with thicker connection options, such as lanterns are problematic. It can be purchased for about 30 euros and comes in the color black, with a silver area at the center of the cross bar. The padlockcan be purchased in reverse color combination.

advantages Disadvantages
Note 2.0 at Stiftung Warentest Small and inflexible
high break-in safety

Zefal K-traz U14 Test: Quality impressions and handling

The bicycle lock of Tefal is characterized by a top quality and excellent workmanship of. The long bracket allows easy attachment from the bicycle frame to thinner port connections. In the case of thicker objects, the stirrup may not be sufficient. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a high-strength, hardened steel chain-buckle lock, which is usually regarded as inflexible.However, this is only a small aspect, because Zefal k-traz U14 U-lock is distinguished also by its longevity from. It is able to withstand all weather conditions and, according to Stiftung Warentest, guarantees protection against theft for a long period of time.This aspect is supported by the tensile and torsional strength, which greatly increases the resistance of the bracket lock. In addition, the scope of delivery includes 3 keys, as well as a mounting kit for quick assembly.

Zefal K-traz U14 Test: break-proof

The Zefal k-traz U14 bicycle lock not only provides protection against amateur thieves, but deters even professional criminals. The Z-SAFE + system is a high performance quad locking system. This system gives the Zefal manufacturer maximum safety, which means that consumers can safely lock their bicycles, especially at high-risk locations.

Zefal K-traz U14 Test: That says Stiftung Warentest

At Stiftung Warentest the Zefal cut k-traz padlock overall with a score well (2.0) from. Especially the durability was considered of high quality and therefore “very good” with a score. The security against being broken was graded “good “rated, whereby safety is ensured at high risk of theft. the handling and pollutants were each graded as satisfactory. The latter is, however, due to the fact that it is a bracket lock.

Zefal K-traz U14 Test: Conclusion



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