Cycling Sunglasses / Cycling glasses Test: Find the Right Bike glasses

Cycling glasses Test: Find the Right Bike glasses

Cycling glasses Test – Then you should make

Bike glasses Uvex tinted glasses

Why would you actually wear a bicycle glasses? Similar to many other sports, it also applies to protect sensitive body parts Cycling. Our eyes are as those worth protecting parts of the body to which we should give especially much Eight. What claim should meet a bicycle glasses and whether it is wise to carry a bicycle Eyewear test for themselves, we report below. Then you should pay attention also 2016th

Why should I wear a bicycle glasses?

The wind blows us cycling through the face, besides the air and impurities such as sand, dust, pollen and even small animals such as flies and mosquitoes include. Thus we do not get this in our eyes, protect us Bicycle glasses. At the same time it protects us from drying out and tearing of the eyes. About this we can record as well as pathogens in our bodies and get infections. Since not everyone moves in the blazing sun and there are also athletes the evening are early morning or late by bicycle on the road, of course, raises the question of the tone of the Bicycle glasses.

If a bicycle glasses have a tint?

Here one must clearly distinguish when and how to setup a bicycle glasses. As pure goggles before the above-mentioned things like pollen, mosquitoes, flies and dust an untinted glasses will do just fine. Especially if you go at dusk, can not do much with a tint of the lenses. During the day however, this already looks quite different. If the sun is in the sky and it is light outside, we relax our eyes with tinted glasses bike and protect them even against dangerous UV radiation. A protection function should be the other functions extending joins them and in no way be neglected.

Cycling glasses test - CE mark on temple

Who constantly squint his eyes, we quickly notice fatigue. An orange or yellowish tint has the best contrast , the insert is ideal under a cloudy sky. Whether a UV protection is available here, should necessarily be read before buying the glasses. Information for UV protection and the field of use can always be found on the label or on the glasses themselves.A CE mark indicates that the glasses in our country has been approved.

Good Radbrillen and Premium models have the option of exchanging the lenses. So you can adjust the eyewear on the daily differences and needs.

Note: At the level of tinting the glasses bicycle you should always make sure that you also may use on the road this. There are various levels of dark glasses. Some sports glasses may not be worn while driving, for example, because they darken too much.

What should meet a bicycle glasses yet

The lenses should be made of an unbreakable plastic be (polycarbonate). Crashes you, so no fractions can get into the eye. At the same time this comes the weight of the spectacles expressed positively.

Bike glasses on scales

A sports glasses should be light and give the wearer the feeling that she was not there. The glasses should be very pleasant on the nose and the ears or head. If it presses here, it is not the right size or right frame. Soft temples nestle in perfectly with his head. If at the end of arubber or silicone present, it is slip-resistant and is highly recommended. Even when nosepiece silicone should be used, pressure points are avoided / reduced. When used on forest and gravel paths glasses may not fly on uneven surfaces of the nose.

Bike glasses - glasses with rubber strap

The Bike glasses should conclude the eye completely, the sun comes from the side or diagonally from the rear, the glasses should be constructed and sit, that there is no sun rays directly to the eye. This has the additional effect that crosswinds not as strong coming to the eye.

Bike glasses Uvex in side view

Do not bring the eye unnecessarily in danger

Anyone traveling with a tinted glasses, should in particular ensure that it is as large as possible, and the eyes of incident light protects. By tinting the lenses, our pupil is far. All the light that now can come from the side, and UV radiation can, our eyes more harm than no sunglasses. The attack surface increases by the pupil dilation. (See example on the graph)



The glasses should not contain any dangerous softeners or other substances that are dissolved by the welding. For this it is important that you make sure that the bicycle glasses tested quality and origin.

Known manufacturers of bicycle glasses are: Uvex, Alpina, Ultra Sport, including

A small variety of different Radbrillen

brand tint Price from model provider
Uvex Yes 17,99 Euro Adult sports glasses Sport Style 204 Amazon
Ultra Sport Replacement lenses 19,99 Euro Multifunctional sports glasses with 3 pairs Amazon
UVEX Yes 50,00 Euro Uni eyewear Radical Pro, One size Amazon
Alpina light 25,00 Euro Bike glasses Glyder Amazon
ALPINA Tri-Effect orange 39,99 Euro Bike glasses Tri-Effect Amazon

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