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Folding Bikes / Dahon Mu Uno 2013: fast and lightweight folding bicycle review

Dahon Mu Uno 2013: fast and lightweight folding bicycle review

Dahon Mu Uno

Dahon Mu Uno is a simple and lightweight folding bicycle.

What I really like about the Dahon Mu Uno folding bike is that I don’t focus on the bike, but on the process of riding. With this reliable bike, there was nothing to worry about and I could just ride while enjoying the scenery. I think riding a single-speed bike is very relaxing, as there’s no need to constantly change gears.

Of course, you can say that Mu Uno isn’t so good for long-distance riding. It’s true that one transmission makes it quite difficult to ride on hilly terrain, but in the end this folding bike is not a tourist bike – it’s positioned as a simple and easy ride bike. It is not designed to move from one point to another, but simply to walk with a maximum of positive emotions.

Also folding bike Mu Uno I like for its low weight. It is very easy to fold and lift on stairways. Given the weight of 10 kg, it is really worth the money spent on it. The cost of most lightweight folding bikes, whose weight is approaching 9 kg, is from $ 1000 and above. In my opinion, this makes the Mu Uno folding bicycle from Dahon an ideal choice for people who want to buy an easy-to-operate portable folding bicycle.

Overall Mu Uno is a really interesting Dahon folding bike. I had a lot of fun riding this bike, and I felt like I was a child again. This folding single-speed bike really makes me feel good to ride.


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