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Best Bike Reviews / Dahon Matrix folding bicycle with big wheels review

Dahon Matrix folding bicycle with big wheels review

Dahon Matrix folding bicycle with big wheels

Since 1982, Dahon has been a world leader in the manufacture of folding bicycles. Its philosophy is to promote the use of sustainable transport in everyday life. The Dahon Matrix folding bike in question is positioned as a city bike. Therefore, the construction of this bike was greatly influenced by the structure of the mountain bike. The only difference is that the components and tyres are designed for urban conditions.

The bike is folded in half by simply moving the lever. Therefore, it can be easily stored in a closet or on a stand. It can fit a place, where a medium sized bike can’t. By unscrewing two more screws on the NVO stem, you can disconnect the handlebar with the removal. It reduces the size of the bike
further. It makes possible to store it in the trunk of a small family car and does not need to disconnect the wheels. This is a great advantage for people who often carry bicycles in cars and stop at public parking lots. There is no need to worry about the safety of bicycles installed on the trunks of bicycles.

Specifications for the Dahon Matrix folding bike

The Matrix frame is designed by Voodoo bicycle designer Joe Murray. The frame is made of aluminum alloy series 7005. Has a double batting, forged mesh hooks and double locking mechanism. As a result, the Dahon Matrix frame is as strong as a standard double rhombic frame.

A Suntour NEX shock-absorbing fork is installed at the front, with spiral springs and hydraulic shock-absorbing, preload adjustment and lockout. The fork is effective enough, but still does not cope well with the passage of pits at high speed and overcoming kerbs. This bike is not designed for mountain riding, and it does its job well within the city limits.

Dahon Matrix bike switch

 Dahon Matrix bike switch

The steering is represented by the Ritchey straight-arm aluminium steering wheel and NVO stem with patented InfiniteAdjust technology. The NVO stem is of particular interest – it has a cut-out that allows for quick removal and installation of the stem, without the need to orient it towards the tyres. Dahon has equipped the Matrix with an extremely long steering wheel with horns. It is certainly very convenient, but on a city bicycle will look inappropriate, as in the conditions of dense city traffic the big comfortable steering wheel is not too convenient. It would also be easier to store a bike with a shorter steering wheel when folded. The straight-lead horns look completely unnecessary.

Dahon Matrix folding mechanism

Dahon Matrix folding mechanism

The bike is equipped with a reliable brake and SRAM transmission – mantles and a SRAM 3.0 front derailleur, SRAM SX4 rear derailleur. Thanks to this equipment, gears can be shifted very easily. The sufficient cable length reduces maintenance and keeps the bike clean and tidy when folded. The brake mechanism is ensured by the Avid BB5 disc brakes and the Avid FR-5 brake levers. Pedal rotation is provided by an aluminum platform with Truvative IsoFlow rods. 48/38/28 tooth drive sprocket with plastic chain protection, which is necessary to ensure that the chain does not soil the clothes. The cassette has 11 to 32 teeth. It matches the purpose of the bike – to move quickly through the city’s jungle.

A big surprise in this bike is the saddle SDG BelAir FX with patented technology I-Beam. It is attached to the aluminum seatpost SDG I Beam Comp. The riding position and angle of inclination of the bicycle saddle can be easily adjusted with a 6 mm hexagonal wrench. This layout reduces the overall weight of the bike compared to the individual saddle and seatpost. Although the saddle feels rigid, it is extremely comfortable.

The folding bicycle is equipped with a Formula Disc bushing, 14G stainless steel spokes, WTB SX24 rims and 1.5 inch Continental Sport Contact. Continental Sport Contact tires provide low rolling resistance, good bike reeling and very good grip at the same time.

Dahon Matrix testing

Dahon Matrix bike fork
Dahon Matrix folding bicycle fork

With the classic geometry and saddle of a mountain bike, you will initially feel like you’re on a normal mountain bike with slices. Most cyclists will feel at ease even if they ride a mountain bike in a wide, comfortable steering wheel. However, thanks to the higher transmission ratios, the Dahon Matrix bike is able to reach higher speeds than a normal mountain bike on a flat road and downhill. But on the hills, the weight of the bike is immediately noticeable. Thanks to its low gears it is still easy to move around the city. Thanks to the Suntour fork, the bike is quite comfortable on unpaved roads, especially if it is pre-set for minimum load. The frame of the Dahon Matrix bike is extremely sturdy – no vibration or rattling is noticeable. The SRAM transmission guarantees a confident gear shift, although not too fast.

A slight sagging of the brake cable was detected and a slight adjustment was required. Disc brakes provide excellent braking power and give the bike a stylish look.


 A Dahon Matrix bike when folded
A Dahon Matrix bike when folded

So who is the bicycle in question designed for? The first thing to do is to buy a Dahon Matrix folding bicycle for people who get to work on a bicycle, but are unable to store a full-size bicycle next to their desk or in a utility room. Now the owners of this bike can ride it directly to work, pack it in a bag and store it in their office. If you like to drive your car for picnics in crowded places, but you hate to take your bicycle off and put it on a special bicycle rack, you should also take a closer look at the bicycle.

Unlike the Dahon D7 HG folding bicycle with Shimano Nexus 7 planetary bushings, this is a full-size bike that is as good as a normal mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike. Thanks to its 24 speeds and shock-absorbing fork, it can be ridden off-road at high speed. The high cost of gasoline, taxes, traffic jams and hypodynamy forces any sensible person to look for ways to use the bike as their main means of transportation. And this full-fledged folding bicycle with large wheels can be an effective alternative for your daily commute to work.


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