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Folding Bikes / Folding bike Dahon Mu P8 review

Folding bike Dahon Mu P8 review

Dahon Mu P8

Now it is possible to assert with full confidence that the worst and the best folding bikes mainly differ only by the weight. Lightweight folding bikes will always be in the price, because, unlike conventional folding bikes are transported by train, train, car, public transport, etc.

If you’re a big, muscular man, you won’t understand why bicycle weight is so important. If it is not difficult for you to ride around the city with a heavy bike or constantly shoving it and take it out of the trunk of the car, then you can really not pay such attention to the weight of the folding bike and save not one hundred dollars. But for most of the average cyclists still need to buy light folding bikes.

Riding a Dahon Mu P8 folding bicycle is very pleasant and convenient because of its low weight. While riding on the highway, you’ll also like a good roll and fast gear shifting.

Product description

Dahon Mu P8 bike in folded condition
Dahon Mu P8 bike in folded condition

The Dahon Mu P8 is a really great folding bike. It is one of the most versatile and popular folding bikes. It’s really lightweight and sturdy, stylish enough to attract attention wherever you go with it. It has excellent functionality, reasonable price. It fully complies with the three Dahon rules: light weight, sturdy construction and high speed. The Dahon Mu P8 is light enough to be lifted up a ladder, compact enough to be carried in the normal trunk of a car. Transmissions change very quickly. Its design ensures that it cannot be destroyed. Dahon Compensation and Schwalbe Racer tires are very light and fast. The adjustable Radius Telescope steering pin allows you to adjust your bike to your specific cyclist. Dahon provides a five-year warranty on the steering pin, bike frame and rigid forks.

Specifications for the Dahon MuP8 folding bike

  • Eight gears
  • Cloudy white and obsidian color
  • Small size when folded: 11.7″ x 30.8″ x 25.7″ (30 × 79 × 66 cm)
  • Folding time 15 seconds
  • Light weight: 11.2 kg
  • Best suited for cyclists with a height of 142 – 193 cm
  • Maximum weight of a cyclist is 105 kg

The advantages of the Dahon MuP8 folding bike

  • Thanks to its low weight, it is the most suitable folding bike to carry on stairs; it is small enough to be stored in any corner of the house
  • Fast and reliable switches
  • Very easy and quick to fold
  • Excellent appearance
  • The bike is equipped with a front, rear trunk and even a bicycle bike with a bicycle
  • After the purchase, he’s easily going to

Shortcomings in the Dahon MuP8 folding bike:

  • If you do not turn the pedals correctly during the trip, your shoes may touch the ground
  • Bad irregularities, potholes and curbs go badly
  • Not suitable for cyclists who like to ride at high speed


A Dahon Mu P8 bike is worth every dollar spent on it. You’ll love this bike for its performance and quality – it’s perfect for both riding and transporting.


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