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ABUS Iven 8210 bicycle lock test

ABUS Iven 8210

Abusive 8210

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The Abus chain lock Iven 8200 in the color black is 110 cm long and has an 8 mm strong square chain. The manufacturer promises you good protection in case of medium theft risk and recommends it for the protection of good bicycles. The Abus Iven is equipped with a level 9 safety level. It also has a functional, durable and highly flexible Ivy synthetic fiber cover for protection against lacquer damage.

ABUS Iven 8210 in the test

The Abus Bike Lock Iven 8210 the bicycle owner gets a pretty long with 85cm Bike Lock – with this the bike can also very well connected to wider mounting options. For just under 50 € is the black, with white, schrähgen striped designed bicycle lock. It comes with two keys and without bracket.

advantages Disadvantages
Thick frightens thieves Only adequate protection
good durability very difficult
good workmanship

ABUS Iven 8210 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The bicycle lock makes the first glance a good impression, which we can confirm after we test. By the length of 85cm, there is little, what it can not be fixed. This is a great advantage to some castles that are too small. The key opens the lock without any problems, but unfortunately a disadvantage. The material of the key is very good, but unfortunately a notch on the key is so deep that this site represents a risk of breaking our opinion. In our test, the key is indeed Not just as broken, but this can happen with too much violence. Therefore, we advise users to use caution when using the key, and if one of the two breaks, prefer to have a copy.

ABUS Iven 8210 Test: break-proof

The chain lock from Abus has, according the manufacturer’s only one theft security level 9. This is also reflected in the test of Stiftung Warentest, here it reaches just the score 3.7 and is therefore not just one of the best castles in the market. ADFC certified is therefore unfortunately not and were therefore probably considered by most insurance for more expensive bicycles as insufficient. Although it is often little more than Aufbuchversuche with only marginal losses, but it can quite quickly be cracked.

ABUS Iven 8210 Test: That says Stiftung Warentest

At Stiftung Warentest it reached a breaking safety of 70%, which just corresponds to a score of 4.2. In handling it came to the Note 2.9, which is probably a positive way of length and a negative way from the enormous weight of nearly 2 kilos. In the two points pollutants and durability it could prove quite good with a score of 1.8.

ABUS Iven 8210 Test: Conclusion


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