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Child Bike Trailers / Burley Honey Bee — Children’s bicycle trailer

Burley Honey Bee — Children’s bicycle trailer

Under the ever-growing range of children bicycle trailers this time we have the Burley Honey Bee looked at in more detail, a model for a sporty and active parents, whereby the manufacturer has saved by its own admission, in some places, but not at the crucial as quality and safety

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger burley honey-beeIn practice, the Burley Honey Bee runs on its plastic wheels with 20 inch diameter absolutely neat and «round». For rough terrain such as mountain routes it is not recommended, this is but also not designed, nor as for deep sand. but he is fine Suitable for normal, everyday, on the street, the sidewalk or eg with rides through the forest and completely fulfilled its purpose.The anniversary model is waiting for with some improvements on how the roll bar, which serves as a push bar at the same time, the backrest newly made, the new parking brake and the Walking-Set, but more on that later.

What can he all?

Conceived of Burleys than one- to two-seater, the two seats to be rather narrow, so it comes down a little on the age and size of the children, whether in fact can ride two. He has no direct suspension, but this is hardly criticized, since the structure of the seat is perfectly acceptable manner of a hammock. Quite clear advantage is that for the new uses for strollers already in the basic equipment Walking set contained what is otherwise also like to purchase as a separate accessory. The roll bar serves in the use as a pram same as pusher bar and is also height-adjustable, which also necessarily be so, otherwise the disks can known to go quite in the back.Another big plus: The trailer is really easy to fold with two handles. That is also the holiday of the children’s bike trailer is optimal because it can be easily stowed in the boot. Still the bikes to the carrier and are ready to go. And in the car still is not enough space for luggage. Note nevertheless are of course the ground that he has in the folded state, but generally it fits in most cars into problems. The total load that the Honey Bee are compatible, according to the manufacturer 60 kilograms — including its own weight of the trailer — approved. This is a good value, that is who goes shopping with two children, can to grab still quite a lot. Or when it comes to a longer trip, fits here quite a bit of luggage in addition to the panniers on the bike itself into.

If the safe?

kinderfahrradanhaenger-burley honey-bee-2

Yes, the trailer is safe generally perceived and experience. Key elements such as roll bar, 5-point harness, safety lighting, reflectors and safety pennants are self-evident and are for us essential to the basic equipment of a child’s bicycle trailer to. For safety reasons, a solid aluminum tank may be preferable. However, the trailer is for simple and practical collapsible by the flexible design of the aluminum poles instead of fixed tub. The aluminum frame makes this unanimous opinion and a stable and reliable impression, so that the aluminum tank is not perceived or noted as an actual deficiency. Good is also the bright red color and the weather deck, which makes him reliably encourage suitable.

Luxury car or clunker?

A luxury car is the Burley Honey Bee Although certainly not, but the name rattletrap would it be unfair. It lies somewhere in the middle thereof. The equipment is for a child’s bicycle trailer entry level certainly very acceptable, but of course not huge.

And the driving experience?

The ride of course, depends significantly on the busy underground. Therefore, it is either lighter than bumpy. Basically, there is nothing to complain about in terms of driving feel. A mother describes this very nice that your child has fallen asleep on the ride through the forest. The large side window to secure definitely always a good view to the outside for the little rider. Very good it is already incorporated in the window UV protection, this is mainly for longer distances.

Keeps the well for a while?

From what we could find to information, this question can be clearly answered with «yes». A single buyer complained about a crack in the material, which was caused by a defective seam shortly after purchase. Here is probably to start from a single case. Because to many users can recommend buying a Burley Honey Bee, driving him more than a year and even longer with two children and even additional transport partly purchases it, so use it at «full throttle» and so already tested it for everyday use have.

What do I get for the price?

The price of Burley Honey Bee is in the middle segment. But you get a quick and reliable trailer that is absolutely suitable for normal use on the road and also sufficient. Mention is absolutely nor his weight class: you get a lightweight — including additional wheel for Stroller function weighs the Honey Bee just over 11 kilograms — with a good, solid safety features, a good flow characteristics and a solid basic equipment.


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I’ve been searching for an affordable trailer in which I can chauffeured my two children through the area. I must say, I have the Honey bee now been about a year use and am still very satisfied.Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total  3/5
functionality    4/5
safety    4/5
Comfort    4/5
Price-performance    2/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    4/5


  • With 11kg easily
  • Additional Wheel Stroller function included
  • Approved up to 60kg total load


  • No aluminum tank but pure rod structure
  • No suspension


His money he is therefore always worth and makes all sporting and active parents absolutely good services. From us there for this child bike trailer Burley therefore a «thumbs up».

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Technical specifications

seating 1
L x W x H 89 x 76.7 x 92.1 cm
L x W x H (folded) 94.6 x 62.5 x 28.6 cm
Weight (Base, with handle) 11 kg
payload 45 kg

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