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Child Bike Trailers / Burley D’Lite — Child Bike Trailer

Burley D’Lite — Child Bike Trailer

The constantly increasing range of bicycle trailers for children brings in addition to the huge choice at the same time an increasing number of issues with it. Below is the Burley D’Lite premium — are presented trailers for particularly active families by the inventor of the children’s bike trailer and answered questions in this regard in advance!

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger burley dliteThe D’Lite Burley runs on 20 inch Speichlaufrädern aluminum, which are easily attached by push button-press on the chassis. The driving experience is from the recent D’Lite — rated owners as very positive.Especially the flexible and light ride, which collects additional bonus points by the extremely low tire noise, stands out particularly here. He also convinces with its suspension and driving tranquility, even on long trips over rough and smooth. Unlike its predecessors, has the 2013er model of Burley D’Lite on some improvements. So paying attention to adjustable suspension, just like on a user-friendly frame locking. The parking brake has been redesigned to last year’s models. The Combined top with both einsenkbarem as well also adjustable sunscreen, the water-resistant zipper and reflective elements round off the innovations in the D’Lite.

What can he all?

The Burley D’Lite is a versatile child bike trailer. You can use it both as input as well as a two-seater. The 12 kg Multifunction — Lightweight offers various conversion — Sets on, all of which are easy to assemble. A small solid rubber wheel, which is secured by quick release on the drawbar, makes the bike trailer a Walker. Two small solid rubber wheels allow a stroller for long walks emerge. A 16 inch spoked wheel, including the wheel boom as well as the rim brake, turned the van into a sporty jogging — companion. For the colder season form two stable skis and an adjustable drawbar a pleasant way to transport the ski or snowshoeing. A big plus is, in addition to its high-quality processing a very easy assembly and the pleasantly simple folding. All can enjoy the customer in the colors red, yellow, green, orange or blue.

If the safe?

The American veteran in the field of children’s bike trailer attaches great importance to compliance with both domestic safety standards as well as to the countries where the Burley — products are sold. So let Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC announced that bike trailer Burley set the standard in terms of safety. The manufacturer guarantees the best possible quality and safety both of the trailer as well as all the components installed therein. Did very well the Burley D’Lite in pollutant test. All materials tested are completely free of plasticizers. Also tests for fatigue, flashover, the coupling and drawbar as well as a drop test was passed with flying colors the D’Lite. The passenger compartment is indeed made of lightweight aluminum, but is relative to the resistance no compromises. The ergonomically shaped and height-adjustable handlebar serves as rollover protection. The child is secured with a 5 points- safety harness and brought the padded seat in a comfortable as well as stable sitting position. Here, however, it must be mentioned that these same sitting position for a few customers were found to be too upright. Perhaps one should allow his child before buying a seat fitting to play it safe when it comes to seating comfort. Another safety aspect is the LED — guaranteed battery lights with several reflectors on the outer material.

Luxury car or clunker?

It certainly can not be a luxury car talk. However, the Burley D’Lite is anything but a rattletrap. The position of the parking brake has two customers perceived as uncomfortable as they are mounted on the outer side of the pushing handle. Nevertheless, all components are installed sovereign and should the bike trailer — make beginners heart happy.

And the driving experience?

The driving experience is characterized by a low center of gravity and wide track extremely comfortable. The neutral and low-noise handling is supported by easy-running, ball-bearing spokes wheels. The suspension can be adjusted to the weight of the child and adjust accordingly, which in turn absorbs bumps on the road effectively.

Keeps the well for a while?

All information available indicate a positive response. The processed materials are absolutely high quality and all the tests carried out have not only a high safety standard close, but also longevity.Very few buyers complained about cracks in the roof, however, is not comprehensible, the conditions under which the bicycle trailer was used concretely. It was also reported that the suspension rubbers must be replaced after being used, as these can quickly brittle. Bicycle trailer fully recommended by the majority of buyers, both for a child as well as two children — Basically, the D’Lite.

What do I get for the price?

The D’Lite Burley is offered at a price of 759 euros. This figure already contains the combination folding. The buyer will receive a high quality, absolutely safe, as well as extremely comfortable and multifunctional transport — and trailer system. Bearing in mind that this is a two-seater, is the name of Burley trailer program: D’Lite — light in weight as well as in the application.


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All in all I am very satisfied with the trailer and I like to ride it. The children are always on it, and we do not regret the purchase. With the price / performance ratio, I am very satisfied.Satisfied customers on Amazon.

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