Bike helmets / Helmet Mate – The protection of the helmet

Helmet Mate – The protection of the helmet

Helmet Mate – protection for the helmet

Helmet Mate with helmet on the saddle

We have to admit, as with us the package of helmet Mate has arrived at the office, we did not know really what to do with. We have unpacked the silver envelope and everything was included, spread out on the table to get an overview. Quickly we were curious and had Helmet Mate Test and try. For this we are in the garden, and have brought losgelegt our test bike out of the garage. We have also found that helmet Mate is actually – The garage and a shelter for the bicycle helmet.

Delivery and accessories

Included was everything you need for the installation and complete use of helmet Mate.Helmet Mate in its pure design, to a small attachment for locking the bracket, a bolt with a nut and an Allen wrench in 4 mm. For installation and assembly of helmet Mate you need no additional tools. Also included, a user manual and installation guide, and a small lock with 3 digits and a guide on how to set and change the numbers themselves.

Helmet Mate Packaging

Change number combination: by opening the lock, now set the small scroll wheel to the desired combination and finished.

Now all components were in front of us, our Kalkhoff test bike standing next to us and the cultivation of helmet Mate could start. Installed is the garage for the bicycle helmet on the saddle. Or rather, under the saddle, behind the springs and the two struts of the saddle, which are attached to the seat post.

Helmet Mate caliper bracket

To install it, the plastic construction keeps just under the saddle, it sets the lock piece from above and screwed the whole thing with the enclosed screw. The screw head is shaped so that you can rotate the first turns well with your fingers. Now the Allen key is used. Tighten, not too hard and the helmet protection is assembled. The whole cultivation took less than 5 minutes.

helmet Mate

Open helmet Mate and try

The bag or box is made of a kind of rubber plastic, so it feel at least on. To open the box, you just have to push in the lid slightly and can open it upwards.

Helmet Mate interior

Now you look at the core of the helmet garage, a case with two compartments. If you open the zipper, you can pull the protective cover over the helmet. Now close the zipper again and pull forward on the saddle. The helmet is located in water-repellent fabric. This in turn is pulled over the saddle and held by elastic band. The helmet is now hidden from view by the material and is on the saddle. To prevent unauthorized open helmet Mate, the zipper is closed with a small lock. A principle that we know of suitcases.

wrapped in bicycle helmet helmet Mate

How Should You Use Helmet Mate?

Helmet Mate is designed for all cyclists who do not wear their helmet after arriving at the destination and who want to keep. the helmet and the seat from rain is Gleichzeitigt protected. These are also the same positive characteristics. On the negative side, who really wants the helmet, only needs the fabric cut and comes immediately and without problems up to the helmet. Also, the combination lock can be severed with a simple side cutter. The helmet is not recognized primary and a certain deterrent protective helmet has Mate also.

Video on the use of helmet Mate

Our conclusion for helmet Mate Test

Those who want to protect his helmet against rain, the helmet is a good product mate. The helmet garage protects against rapid removal of bicycle helmets, quick theft. In combination with a steel cable, offers Helmet Mate a real theft protection. The Easy assembly and he supplied speak for bicycle accessories. The manufacturer itself says that this is a protection against bad weather, we see the same.

Through the design of our saddle helmet Mate is very much tilted downwards. It is firm and holds, but reduces the path to the saddle tip. We could barely pull over the saddle helmet Mate. Can be mounted The straighter helmet Mate on the saddle, the easier the handling. We tested our bike helmet Alpina Mythos 2 and the Nutcase helmet . Those interested in finding a matching helmet, in a bike helmet test are current winner to find. From us gets helmet Mate 4.2 out of 5 points. Who wants to know more about the product, go to easy to

Our rating: 4.2/5


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