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ABUS CityChain Granite X-Plus 1060 bicycle lock test

ABUS CityChain Granite X-Plus 1060

Abus citychain granite x plus 1060

ABUS bicycle lock-1060-110-Black-black-10-mm-110-cm-0-0ABUS bicycle lock-1060-110-Black-black-10-mm-110-cm-0-1ABUS bicycle lock-1060-110-Black-black-10-mm-110-cm-0-2

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The Abus 1060 bicycle lock comes in the color black and with a size of 110 cm. The individual links of the chain lock are 10mm thick and therefore correspond to the Abus maximum security level of 15. Furthermore, you will receive a code card with every key code to ensure that no one can duplicate your key without this card with every purchase of an Abus bicycle lock. The lock itself is an Abus X-Plus cylinder and has an automatic keyhole cover.

Abus CityChain Granite X-Plus 1060 in the test

The Abus Granit City Chain X-Plus 1060 is a chain lock and can be due to its length of 110cm to max. 170 cm ideal to attach the bike to thinner bars as well as to thicker objects. The chain lock with the maximum safety level of ABUS can be purchased from approx. 100 Euro and is delivered in the color black.

advantages Disadvantages
maximum safety level Weight of 2.4 Kg
VdS test seal inflexible

Abus CityChain Granite X-Plus 1060 Test: Quality impressions and handling

The Abus Granit City Chain X-Plus 1060 is mainly characterized by its robust quality from. Thanks to the length of the chain lock, the frame can also be connected to fixed objects with ease. In addition to two keys, an Abus Code Card for replacement keys and spare keys is also included. It is particularly advantageous here that one of the two keys supplied has a lighting function and thus also makes it easy to connect in the dark. A little drawback is simply the weight of 2.4 kg and the missing, appropriate transportation. However, it should be borne in mind that the great weight also entails adequate security. In addition, the massiveness also ensures that the bike lock from ABUS mopeds and light motorcycles can be completed safely.

Abus CityChain Granite X-Plus 1060 Test: break-proof

The Abus Granit City Chain X-Plus 1060 has a maximum security level of 15 , and this shows it in its robustness. In addition, the Abus PowerCell technology offers a high level of protection against impact and access, which also makes it difficult for the thief to break open the chain lock. In addition, the toothed casing of the lock body promises good protection with a high risk of theft. In a test in “Free Ride” was next to the winner only ABUS City Chain Granit X Plus 1060 heavy tools such as bolt cutters and Flex withstand – convinced therefore in terms of safety. Overall, Granit X Plus 1060 chain lock was “good” with a score. In addition, the VdS seal of approval also professional thieves scares certainly very rapidly.

Abus CityChain Granite X-Plus 1060 Test: Conclusion


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