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MSX SL 55 AVANTGADRE ZX Tests — Panniers


MSX SL 55 avantgarde mainstream

Daily bike to work , for sport in their free time, cycling through Germany drives or simply wants to bring only the purchases dry home who needs a reasonable Pannier. Having already the us MSX SL 55 Elegance detail in our debut article establishing of Fahrradmagazin.netviewed, we would like to dedicate the successor of a whole new generation today. We have the waterproof pannier MSX SL 55 avantgarde ZX in the test. The focus is on the processing, assembly, the weight, the volume and functionality.

Delivery, processing & material of MSX SL 55 ZX

Delivery is everything you need to mount the carrier bag. All brackets, straps, belts and straps are already assembled on the bicycle bag.

The carrier bag has been made of various materials. The heart is the pouch, this is formed of a waterproof tarpaulin. Agent welded ultrasonic technology and High frequency, the manufacturer promises that the bag is waterproof under normal pressure. On the back of the bag is the plastic holder. This bag is attached to the luggage rack or lowrider. For the mounting and the support we come later in more detail. The rear wall of the bag is internally reinforced with a plastic plate. This plate is the carrier bag the necessary support. Also used, normal harness. The connections of the individual materials are either welded, riveted or screwed.

One Touch System V8

No matter what material finds its use, the bag is totally very well made. There is no spray surplus or sharp edges. If two materials to one another, has also been put into detail much attention during processing. Edges are clean folded and covered with a cloth. These, as well as the eyelets for fastening the straps are sewn to the bag. The seams make a solid and clean impression processed. Overall, the scores MSX SL 55 AVANTGARDE ZX with a clean and solid quality of all materials used.

The assembly of the bag on the bicycle / Porter

Since not every bicycle is the same, manufacturers of accessories to ensure that you can as well as possible to adapt the product to different needs. The MSX SL 55 AVANTGARDE ZX is intended for use on the rack. Again, there are different models, Porters with extra rail or normal Porter. Thus, the bag can be attached to many possible struts Arretierungshalterungen can be modified at a distance. This requires a Phillips screwdriver.

Holder Msx sl 55 Adjust

Also MSX relies on the One Touch System V8 for quick release and hang the bag. The inner diameter of the holders can be reduced with an adapter of 16 mm to 11 mm.

Innovations are enhanced holder and the possibility of the two support points simultaneously to open, so the manufacturer. The additional handle falls on directly, as compared with the SL 55 Elegance the change is clear. The red handle (One Touch system) is attached to the luggage rack mounts. Subtracting this high, both latches simultaneously solve and the carrier bag can be taken off the shelf. The assembly is carried out through this system. While with lowered rails of normal holder handle may well fall between bag and carrier, this makes the OTS V8 from nothing.

msx one touch system v8

The red dye tape the latches to open and can be placed simultaneously on the luggage carrier rack. Excluding the band going on, close the brackets and the bag sitting on the upper cross member. The simultaneous opening and closing of brackets, it is very convenient to install the pocket.


Thus, the bag does not fluctuate while driving, you can reach a three-point fixation with the lower clamp / Querarretierung. The small temple serves that you can push it from one of the frame or luggage carrier bars. Thus fixed, the Panniers MSX seated on the bicycle.

Crosspiece msx Pannier sl-55

To find the optimum position, the small temple at three different locations can be secured.Depending on the luggage carrier or bicycle frame, the best position can be adjusted. Are the detents and the bracket once aligned and adjusted in the distance, this need not be further changed.

Cross bracket Attached to the rack

Compartments and storage options

The waterproof Panniers MSX SL 55 ZX offers three compartments. The large main compartment, here should be approximately 23 liters volume, a small zipped pocket and the known inner bag with rice and Velcro.

Zipper compartment msx SL 55

The outer compartment can with a waterproof zipper (waterproof YKK front zip) and to make one. The professional start after approximately 1/3 of the bag height and thus provides an outer compartment with about 2/3 height of the entire bag. This tray is ideal for things that should not be wet and you want to zoom quickly, without having to open the main compartment.

One possible use of the bag:

  • Haustürschlüssel
  • money
  • Bank Cards
  • cellphone

The known inner bag is attached with Velcro on the inner back wall. This small bag can be taken out easily.

The heart of the pocket, the main compartment is sealed watertight with a rolling technique.To do this we combined the tarpaulin at the top and wrapped with at least two turns.Following considering the two plastic tabs from the sides toward the center and connects them. Now the closing cap comes through the winding. This hood or cover is now also secured with a snap closure on the front of the bag. This cap has the advantage that, for example, rain water can not collect on the bag and flows directly.

Purchases Pannier MSX SL 55

Filled Bicycle bag with purchases

On the sides are the famous MSX plus and minus signs, which serve as a reflector. If you are traveling with two cycling bags on the luggage rack, the vehicle is quite wider than the average road users suspected at first. The reflectors ensure that you will be better seen in low light and other road users perceive the bags as a vehicle widening. If the bicycle bag from truck tarpaulin empty, they can be set flat on the bike.

Technical data according to manufacturer’s instructions

  • Packable volume 23 liters
  • Maximum load 17 Kg
  • Net weight 1.25 kg
  • Dimensions: 53 cm height, 38 cm width, 14 cm depth

Application of the carrier bag for the test

We have used the bag for our daily commute to the office and have done our weekly shopping order. Since we have the MSX SL 55 AVANTGARDE ZX as a couple, this was no problem with 46 liters volume. Rained it has 5 days only once, everything was in the bag stayed dry. No signs of moisture within the bicycle bag.

Video for assembly unit

Our conclusion for MSX SL 55 AVANTGARDE ZX Test

The carrier bag has us well so far stood in all positions to one side and not left in the lurch.The One Touch system makes installation very easy. If the bag is fully loaded, the V8 system helps a hooking the rack. The Pannier convinced but even if you want to carry little. The flexibility of the tarpaulin, the carrier bag is very comfortable with just a little content. If you roll the bag more of a, it is smaller and takes up less space and width.

The processing of the bag is solid and to the point, the handles are coated with a plastic, holding the handles is therefore very comfortable in the hand. It constricts nothing and are no uncomfortable pressure points.

The pity is that you can adjust the bag with tools on their own bike. Without a screwdriver you do not get solved the brackets. Buy and drive may be difficult depending on the carrier.

Note: This is a dynamic test report are the result of which we adapt over time and expand with new findings from the practical test — Overall, we awarded the MSX SL 55 AVANTGARDE ZX Test 4.5 out of 5 points. Additional bags can be found in the panniers test .


Our rating: 4.5/5

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