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Bike Racks & Bags / Bicycle Basket Test — bike basket for front and rear

Bicycle Basket Test — bike basket for front and rear

Bicycle Basket Test — Bicycle baskets for front and rear

Fahrradkorb behind on the luggage rack

Who does his shopping by bike, who knows the following problem all too well: you buy again but more than originally planned and already we know not where to stay with all purchases on the bike. Remedy can create here a sensible Bicycle Basket.

A bicycle basket can one not only to help the purchase, depending on cage size and design of the bike basket for very different needs and situations can be used. It is ideal for the everyday things work, you should bike to work travel. We distinguish between a bicycle basket on the front, for the handlebar stem, called a front basket and a bike basket for the storage compartment, so a bike basket for behind. In a bicycle basket test is judged how solid the basket, how big its capacity and whether the holder was constructed stable on the bicycle.


Various materials from the bicycle basket can consist

Fahrradkorb back on the rack with workwearIf one thinks of a normal basket, you have the classic wicker basket in mind. For the bicycle, there are also designs of metal or aluminum. The advantage to the classic wicker basket are of course the durability and resilience. Depending on your taste and requirements for the transport of goods, you can opt for one of the two materials. The wicker basket in the picture is attached with hook on the handlebar and can at all times be removed easily and without cost. The wicker basket is mostly kept in its natural color, the bicycle basket made of metal is often painted black. Of course this also exceptions, so you can also get colored Fahrradkörbe commercially. In the Endurance clearly points the metal mounts. You often see these colored bicycle baskets to children’s or youth bikes.

Wicker basket on the handlebars - hooked

Mesh size and weatherability of bicycle basket

The wicker basket is usually braided very fine and with little clearance. The bike baskets made of metal, there is this great difference in mesh size. The smaller and finer the mesh, the better the protection from falling through smaller items. However, It is important that rainwater can drain freely through the mesh. A wicker basket should decrease in bad weather and in case of imminent rain from the bicycle therefore always. The material may otherwise tiring prematurely by chronic moisture. Has the coating of a metal bike basket no damage, so rainwater does this not look much.Bicycle basket for the front of Basil in silver

Various bicycle baskets from different tests

Bicycle basket position Result price link
Basil Catu ahead very good from 43 Euro Amazon
Racktime Baskit behind very good 35 Euro Amazon
Pletscher basket Deluxe behind Good from 22 Euro Amazon
Bicycle Basket KLICKfix ahead (not known) from 18 Euro Amazon
Basil Radklapp basket sw closely page Good from 31 Euro Amazon
BASIL HR basket CARDIFF page (not known) from 18 Euro Amazon


Bicycle Basket for Satchel

Children should carry their heavy school bag in a basket. At this point is to clarify beforehandwhether the bicycle basket fits a satchel . Bicycle baskets for school bags are usually mounted on the roof rack, so the center of gravity of the bike is not too far up and to the front axle. A satchel bag is usually a bit wider and has slightly higher margins. He is being mounted in the ideal case the luggage carrier. Anyone looking for a sturdy bicycle basket for the satchel, looked best times to baskets of Basil.

Table with schoolbag baskets for bicycle

Bike Basket - schoolbag basket on a children

Bicycle basket position Result price link
BASIL rear Satchel bag behind from 13 Euro Amazon
Bluebird basket Satchel behind from 10 € Amazon
Bicycle Basket Jumbo Pro behind from 13 Euro Amazon


Fixing the bike basket on bicycle

Bicycle basket mounting on the handle bar

Depending on which Fahrradkorb one has chosen, this is also secured differently. A bicycle basket for the front, for the handlebar, is often inserted into a holder provided or screwed tightly. Thus, at any time has the ability to remove the basket quickly and without tools. This support, however, previously fixed by screws on the handlebars or on the handle bar.

Bicycle Basket bracket front

The bicycle basket for the front is either fixed with a click system on the bolt-on bracket or screwed on the handlebars. Since there are the removable bicycle baskets and handles, you can take this example, in the supermarket or carry the purchases in him in the apartment.

Bike basket for behind

The bicycle basket for the back can be fixed by means of hooks on the luggage rack. As you can steal this but quite fast, there are models that can additionally secures with a screw fixation. Alternatively, you can fix the bicycle basket for behind also means small castle on Porter. Here is a table of bicycle baskets, having concluded Fahrradkorb test with good or very good. Judged as always by Stiftung Warentest or The basket is an ideal alternative or supplement to the bicycle bag . Relatively new are the systems for a quick change of bike baskets, with an  I-Rack Porter this is done quickly. The basket can other within a few seconds and be removed.

Fahrradkorb behind on the luggage rack


Pet Bicycle Basket with metal grille — bicycle basket for dogs

Who wants to take his small, four-legged friend on the bike, which was to establish a special dog bike basket. When a bike basket for dogs usually a metal grid is included. This grille protects the dog against a spontaneous and ill-considered jumping out while driving. If external influences from the road the dog to move to want to leave the bicycle basket, he can not do this with the applied metal grid. This grid helps to safety for cyclists but also for the dog and other road users in. Most bicycle baskets for dogs are made of rattan or pasture.This material is much more comfortable for the man’s best friend. For large dogs so but you can not convey in a dog bicycle basket, as the focus shifted from bicycle unfavorable upward.

Dogs bicycle basket wicker

What is important for the dog

For the dog, it is important that its paws have a good grip on the ground and the stitches are not too large. The closer they are, the lower the Verletzungsgfeahr is through accidental snagging of the claws. A fixed installation is particularly important in a bicycle basket for dogs.

Bike basket for dogs Rattan pasture of Klickfix

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