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Bike Racks & Bags / Bicycle handlebar bag — Pannier of Bicycles in test

Bicycle handlebar bag — Pannier of Bicycles in test

Bicycle handlebar bag of Bicycles in test

Lenkertasche Bicycles

The sun is shining, the weather is good, just quickly by bicycle in the city or in the city. Then the question of where allowed to the purse, the door key or the thin jacket for balmy summer evenings? The perfect solution can be a detachable handlebar bag. We even looked at the removable handlebar bag of Bicycles accurately and on an extensive bicycle tour tested.

Delivery and assembly of the bicycle handlebar bag

The handlebar bag is supplied with a carrying strap. With this belt you can carry the bag after removal as a shoulder bag. Also present is any mounting equipment such as the adapter plate and the attachment for exclusive tool. For installation you only need a Phillips screwdriver. Since not every handlebar is the same thickness, there are two different sizes at the counter braces. Also present is a rainproof cover. On the bag cover is still a slot for a map.Bike Bags and Cases have 3M reflective stripes. The bag we bought on this scale for the lowest EUR 19.99.

The adapter plate we. Maintained at the desired height of the handlebars and locked from the back four Phillips screws For this purpose a clamping system is used, that the holder clamps on the handlebar and it can not slip. The clamps are placed around the handlebar, the counter bracket is guided in between and over again is the adapter plate. The clamps have a long end, this is pushed into the plate and also bolted from the front with the four Phillips screws. The installation itself took about 5 minutes to reach us. The system is similar to the Klickfix system, however, somewhat different than when I rack luggage rack system.

Handlebar mount bicycle handlebar bag

If the disk is mounted and screwed tight, the handlebar bag can easily be switched on and suspended. For this purpose is located on the back side, the side that faces the cyclist, a small unit leadership. On the plate are the counterparts. The handlebar bag on top of slide and snap the adjustment. The handlebar bag of Bicycles is fixed.

Mount adapter plate Pannier Bicycles

The handlebar bag and the individual compartments

Within the handlebar bag, there are various areas, as well as have a small forward is pocket which can be closed with Velcro. Left and right on the sides are also small pockets. Here you can eg tuck a multi tool or a repair kit. The main compartment is a real space saver, here you get all sorts of things with.

in the handlebar bag to our long bike ride we had the following things here:

  • slicker
  • rain pants
  • repair kit
  • replacement tube
  • Multi tool
  • 2 bananas
  • a small first-aid kit
  • a Trelock folding lock and four cereal bars.
  • Power Bank External Power from Mobile

The bag has can still be close well and was not too heavy, could very easily be attached to the adapter plate and has more than 140 km maintained properly on the handlebars. It has also give a strong rain during the tour, the protective sheath has let rainwater run off cleanly and passed no water. In a photo, we have not made love to the camera. The protective cover does exactly what it should.

Handlebar Bag Rain Cover

Within the large compartment is still a small bag, this is just large enough in there a purse unterzubekommen. This compartment is provided with a separate zipper and is ideal for things you need quickly and to whom you do not want to search the entire handlebar bag.These were the bike keys and the purse with us.

Small interior pocket with zipper

From the processing of the case we are positively impressed for the price. The proximity are made stable and act dibasic. The zipper includes very good, not hooked, and is also easy to use and well while driving. Watching one must, however, not to be completely open, as this may drop things out of his pocket in case of unevenness of the distance the zipper.

Our conclusion for bicycle handlebar bag of Bicycles

The rapid weight loss and clicking on the adapter plate, the bag is left without much trouble at home. Depending on requirements, you can use the handlebar bag for his individual situation. This bag is as ideal as pool bag for sunscreen, shower gel and bath towel or buy the buns. Longer trips are also possible thanks to the good places on offer. During our test we had more than 2.5kg in the bag, it has mastered these problems. Please pay attention that only when you open the bag while driving and this is fully loaded. In this state, and during the movement it may well be that contents fall out of the handlebar bag.

Here you may click the handlebar bag of Bicycles Buy on Amazon

Our rating: 4.1/5

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