Bike helmets / Nutcase Helmets – Modern helmets in Test – Very Good

Nutcase Helmets – Modern helmets in Test – Very Good

Nutcase bicycle helmets – A design that especially impresses

Nutcase helmet

Those looking for a bicycle helmet is, can not ignore also the trend of Nutcase bicycle helmets. The story behind it almost sounds like a classic example of a Hollywood movie. In a garage in the US the colorful and eye-catching Nutcase Helmets were discovered, developed and made marketable.

The idea behind the flashy bicycle helmets

Nutcase helmets are characterized by the fact that they are particularly striking decorated, colorful and with a distinctive style. The inventor Michael Morrow was of the opinion that there is no beautiful bicycle helmets that are worn by the cyclists, but also other sportsmen like. The first prototype of a Nutcase was a simple black shell helmet. The goal, however, was to make helmets that the normal micro-shell helmets in no way inferior to the protection function. Here, the design should be such that it makes more attractive with wit and creativity to wear a protective helmet or bicycle helmet.

Nutcase Helmet Test

Children and youths find the normal bicycle helmets often “uncool” and leave these rather clear. Discussions with parents are often on the agenda, with the correct helmet they should be eliminated.

The Nutcase helmets cut the test in terms of security quite well off. Surely therefore does not always have to be ugly. CE mark and EU standards are met. Even elements such as louvers are available for proper ventilation. The great advantage of the helmets, they go down to the nape of the neck and protect as well as ideal the mind. A removable visor, removable inner padding and a soft textile chin strap are included in most models. The helmets are available for adults and children.

CE Approval

Layouts like a watermelon design correspond to the basic shape of the helmet. Turtles optics, colorful and flashy colors, striking prints and funny designs are often found on the helmets.

With us you know the helmets more from the sport area and the skating. Skaters have to shell helmet often designed for himself and modified. Michael Morrow contrast would directly establish the final and original gestaltetet Nutcase helmets on the market. Since 2005, you can purchase these popular helmets free. According to the motto: “I love my brain”, the helmets have come on the market. Offered are the helmets for cycling, skate, Water, Kids and Moto application.

Nutcase - I Love My Brain

Equipment from Radhelm

Thus, the bicycle helmets fit well, they have a screw on the back of the head. This can be as long as adjust the strap to the back of the head in size until the helmet fits perfectly on the head. The inner padding leaves a true feel the helmet on his head, makes this not unpleasant.

The blue helmet of the images according to the manufacturer weighs just 406 grams (M – 52 cm to 56 cm). This is not a little, from a processing perspective, however, makes the Nutcase forth some and can look very sophisticated for a bicycle helmet. The Grute can also be combined with a bicycle glasses wear well.

The chinstrap and the fixing of the belt are high quality and make a solid impression. The padding on the chin is sufficient and provides exactly what is expected of her.

Unlike the helmet of Tchibo is the Nutcase no in-mold helmet. Here at the two elements were prepared separately and assembled afterwards.

Here a manufacturer Video for helmet

Nutcase helmet Suitable for Children

The helmet is ideal for children who find a bicycle helmet uncool. By Skater optics can move to carry the little ones on the positive image of such a helmet. Skater legend Tony Hawk has taken as well as a similar helmet.

Nutcase helmet in box

Our conclusion for Nutcase helmet

Ideal for anyone who wants to wear a normal bike helmet. From Value of bike helmet is completely under. For partially under 50 euros you get a modern bike helmet here. The helmet is not necessarily suitable for racing cyclists, here beats the rather high weight a negative impact.

This is not a traditional review , but we give the Nutcase 4.2 out of 5 points. The Nutcase helmets there are also with us to buy in Germany.

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Our rating: 4.2/5


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