Heart rate monitor for cyclists / Pulse watch test – cycle and training control – chest strap

Pulse watch test – cycle and training control – chest strap

Keeping circulation in view – Pulsuhr Test

Pulse watch test - watch to your wrist

Who runs cycling as a sport, which should thereby have his body close eye. To have the cardiovascular stress under control, you can for example use a heart rate monitor. This watch displays a not only time, here are heart rate and depending on the manufacturer, the respiratory rate, calorie consumption, exercise duration and a long-term training course appears. The suitable for up model can be found out about the heart rate monitor test.

Since our body can burn more fat under certain conditions and builds muscle better, you should not only know these conditions but check during training also. Our heart rate is one of the most important indicators for successful training. Who eg decrease with cycling wants, should give priority not only to the diet.

Pulse watches with different functions – heart rate monitor test

Entry-level models recorded only the heart rate, exercise time, and sometimes even the number of laps. Expensive schemes can also often much more. In addition to the data for the heart rate and training time can be counted here distances, speeds, rounds, respiratory rate and steps (on the bike not). Thus this data can be collected all, you still needed in addition to the heart rate monitor chest strap. This is strapped around the chest. The sensors in the chest recorded now as the respiratory rate and heart rate. Manufacturers indicate that the measurement is to be like an ECG as accurately. Whether that is true and an EKG indicates the same values, we have found in the heart rate monitor test.

Pulsuhr test compared with ECG 0816 Corpuls

There is between the chest strap / the heart rate monitor and the ECG only a minimal delay.The explanation we deal with the wireless transmission. While the ECG readings are transmitted via cable, the chest strap needs to send its information via encoded radio transmission to the watch. As you can see in the picture, both units display the same heart rate.

Coding of the data transfer and extension

The connection from the chest belt to the watch is coded. Depending on the manufacturer of the chest strap with different clocks can be coupled. If you want enter first with a simple model, you can later switch to a higher-quality AM and I have not re-purchase the chest strap.

Chest strap applied in a man

The encoding also ensures interference-free transmission of data, if other athletes with a heart rate monitor in the vicinity. The watch knows based on the coding exactly with which chest they must communicate.

Pulse belts with Bluetooth

Who wants to record his training directly with an app such as Strava who can buy a Bluetooth chest strap. Here the data from the chest strap directly to the mobile phone and the app will be transferred. However, this has the disadvantage during training one must always take care of the heart rate reading the phone in his hand. The heart rate monitor can be easily read on the wrist.

transmitted Brustgurtdaten the bicycle speedometer

Depending on the manufacturer, the information you can from the chest harness and thebicycle computer can be transferred. So you do not carry the additional clock. The collection of data is done through the strap, the watch is only the instrument to display the information obtained.

preset Key Features

Many models have pre-stored specific training methods. Before training you choose as if you want to burn fat or want to do a fitness training. The predefined limits here are now controlled by the heart rate monitor and leave the over-below an alarm or notice (depending on the manufacturer and brand). In addition to the predefined methods should also always a free option type in which one can store their own training plan and define their own limits.

Bicycle handlebar mount heart rate monitor

Through an internal memory not only the last training session is recorded whenever possible.A long-term storage should hold at least 30 days, the training data. So you can read not only improvements in the last training, and the effectiveness of long-term training can be assessed.

Alarm function when exceeding the heart rate

Since when exceeding the heart rate can certainly cause damage to the heart muscle, one should take seriously the alarm function completely and use. If the heart muscle is supplied with sufficient oxygen, heart cells can be irreversibly damaged. Since not everyone is the same, the Compute alarm limit can be changed and adjusted by hand. So you can adjust the limits of the training progress.

EKG printout sinus rhythm

What happens: The heart muscle contracts so fast that it can not adequately transport blood in the small time. The coronary arteries are no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen and the heart muscle receives an imbalance in the acid-base balance. The heart muscle becomes acidic and can now provide even less power.

Application of the Heart Rate Monitor

Pulsuhren you can use whenever you want to monitor his body during sports activities.Whether jogging, cycling, football, climbing, tennis and other sports. Monitoring the proper heart rate is of public health importance.

Various Pulse Monitors Overview

manufacturer model belt Coded Type Price from provider
Sigma Sigma PC 25.10 Yes Yes e € 43 Amazon
Sigma PC15. 11 Yes Yes E & F € 38 Amazon
POLAR M400 Yes Yes F € 145 Amazon
Sanitas SPM 25 Yes e € 32 Amazon
Beurer PM 25 Yes e € 32 Amazon
Garmin Forerunner 15 Yes E & F € 135 Amazon
POLAR RS300X Yes Yes E & F € 85 Amazon
Sigma ROX 6.0 Yes Yes F € 95 Amazon

E = entry; F = Advanced

Sources of error in not measuring the values – pulse watch Test

Watch the pick up the pulse directly on the wrist, but also chest straps measure the electrical conduction of the heart. In healthy people, the sinus node is at the heart of the clock and provides the initial impulse for the heart rate. This pulse is electrically and can be measured by electrodes. Like an EKG. If the skin is too dry under the electrodes, the measurement may be incorrect or suspend in whole. Can be no measurement or is coupling with the chest strap with no results, you should moisten the measuring ranges of the watch or the chest strap.With water or their own saliva. During training, thereby the resulting weld is sufficient.

Before training you should always carry a small heart rate monitor test to ensure the correct functioning.


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