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Bike Racks & Bags / Pannier MSX SL 55 Elegance in Test

Pannier MSX SL 55 Elegance in Test

Pannier MSX SL 55 Elegance in focus

Pannier MSX SL 55 Elegance

The focus today is a waterproof and functional bike bag / carrier bag. The MSX SL 55 Elegance in black accompanied a safe and dry through the day. This bicycle bags are made of a waterproof tarpaulin and are fitted from the inside with a waterproof layer. The seams are welded dust- and waterproof. The volume of bags is 20 l. On the bag itself are reflective plus and minus signs. Equipped with a roll closure, can the MSX SL 55 close so that you can throw them into the water easily, without the contents wet. With sufficient air lock the bag floats on the surface. This makes the bicycle case a real outdoor companion. The bicycle bag is fastened eg to the rack or optional on front-wheel carrier.

Series closure of the bicycle bagThe closure of the bicycle bag

During closure of the bicycle bag is placed on a rolling shutter with additional cover and quick release buckles. Here, the opening is rotated in and pre-fixed by means of Velcro strips. Wasseredichte bicycle bag floating in the waterNow you work the outer ends toward the center and, the quick release buckles together. Finally, the lid is on the scale now closing role and is also fixed with quick release buckles. The Pannier is now closed dust- and waterproof. Depending on the air lock and load it can now swim in the water.

The volume and the space available

Shopping with the MSX PannierWith its 20 liter volume the MSX SL 55 offers quite place for smaller purchases. Those who want to make their weekly shopping, but faces the problem that the MSX quickly reach their limits.Site has the bicycle bag for a few file folders for the way to work, a change of clothes for bad weather or small errands and shopping. The roll closure must look exactly how much you fill the bag. Who would not close the Waterproof MSX SL 55 Pannier, who may also invite a little more here.In our test, we were able to fill the bicycle bag with milk, noodles, yogurt and cans. A waterproof sealing was therefore still possible. If you want to realize more who should purchase two of the panniers. Further models and test winner can also panniers test be found.

A zusätlicher bag in the bicycle bag

Bicycle bagsIn the bicycle bag is a small, internal bag which is sealed with a zipper. This is attached by velcro at the top of the bag and used to store keys, purses or other items to which you want to have fast access. It is sufficient if one opens the shutter of the bicycle bag. With a quick way and without the trouble of searching in his pocket to get so approach this extra pocket.

Handles and brackets of the MSX SL 55

Handle of the bicycle bag What would an ordinary bicycle bag without handles and a good mount. The MSX can score here with two elements. Upstairs there is a normal carry handle. The handle is rounded bite and a rubber member. Even if the bag is heavily loaded, a comfort exists. The round shape of the handle does not cut and prepares a pleasant feeling.Anyone wishing to use the bicycle bag as a shoulder bag, can do this. Two eyelets provide a to attach a strap to the bag the way.

Mount the bicycle bag

Support the MSX SL 55This is where the manufacturer on a three-point support. The whole is fixed to a fixed backplate and makes a solid impression. Through a rail at the top you can adjust the spacing of the luggage holder and adjust it to its own needs. The quick attachment module is simply «clipped» on the appropriate and suitable rod. The lower attachment point serves to keep the bicycle bag in the lower region close to the bike. In curves, the bag can not tilt the bicycle and not moved unnecessarily focus. Those who paint the rack does not want to damage, which is an extra bicycle bag holder on the bike grows.

The bracket in a video

Price of the bicycle bag

Seen priced we are with the MSX SL 55 Elegance in an area which is absolutely justified. The pair you get already 70 Euro at Amazon . Individually, you can get the bag from 35-40 euros.

See MSX SL 55 Elegance now on Amzon

About us: We would like to point out that we have not paid for this product. It reflects our experience with the product again.

We can recommend the MSX SL 55 Elegance for everyday use and for the very Outdoorteinsatz. Price and performance match here. Both the quality of workmanship as well as the ease of use have convinced us. We have the bag for more than 4 years of use and the seams as well as other processing points are still properly.

Our rating: 4.5/5

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