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Bike Racks & Bags / Bike Bags Test — So the bags differ

Bike Bags Test — So the bags differ

Bike Bags Test — Find the Right Bike Bags

Bicycle bags tested two Panniers on bicycle

Those who want to carry on his bicycle a few things that can unbuckle either a backpack, a bike basket grow, ride a bike trailer through the area or use a bicycle bag.

Why the bicycle bag over the other options has advantages, we tell in this article for panniers test. It is thereby address the issues kinds of strains a bag as it is attached to the bicycle and which capacity it has. All things together should be noted and taken into account before buying a bicycle bag.

Bicycle bags for different needs

Wasseredichte PannierNot everyone who is looking for a bag for his bicycle, would thus go shopping. Thus, different needs arise over the different areas of application. If you drive daily to work by bicycle , while as files and documents transported, the attaches great importance that these things do not bend. The bike bag should therefore be rigid and hard . At the same time they should also include rainproof and can also be externally no water. Ideally, the bicycle bag has a few subjects in which you can store different things. Often this is also a subject as laptop bag. These panniers are waterproof mostly from textile or fabric, but not always 100%.

Who merely transported some food and drinks in the bag, which can also flexible bicycle bag from truck tarpaulin recourse. Such bag is eg the MSX SL 55 . For shopping, it is advisable if the bags have a shoulder strap or a reasonable strap. How robust are these pockets, it can read in the panniers test for MSX of us. The cycling holiday to do, ideally, with waterproof and compact bicycle bags.

The panniers Test — These bags have convinced

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Mounting of panniers on the bike

Support the MSX SL 55Most bicycle bags are fastened with a clip system on the bicycle. These clips can either hang on racks or on specially provided horizontal struts.Thus, the bags do not stick out in curves from the bicycle, some cases are still being held with a clamp to the carrier bars. What can not be clip it, is simply hooked. Alternatively, there is to do is clamp closures. These can be found, however, usually only in the context bags or handlebar bags. All have the advantage that they can be solved quickly and from your bicycle.

Holding round from Velcro a frame bag

Panniers for rear

The rear panniers have in most cases not have much impact on the focus of the bicycle.Depending on the payload weight and capacity (volume), the bicycle can indeed tilt in the state, when driving itself makes this hardly noticeable. Especially if you use two bike bags and the weight compensates by an optimal distribution, this presents no problem. The bags, already written above, often attached to the designated horizontal struts. When you install the bike bags should especially make sure that they are not too far slip forward and to come close to the pedals. When pedaling, the pedals should not be encountered with the foot to the bicycle bag. For Porter there are also those bags that you put on the luggage carrier. We know these designs from newsboys. Here, both bags are firmly interconnected.

Bicycle bags tested two Panniers on bicycle

Bicycle bags for front

Few bikes have installed by default mounts for front panniers. So you can fix the bicycle bags at the front, you need a special mount, a so-called Lowrider; This is fastened with at the axle bolt or on the bicycle fork. Loads to the front pockets too, may have a material impact on the driving behavior. In curves on a sandy bottom, the front wheel easily slip. Also, depending on the load, change the steering behavior, but this is rather negligible. At the front, it is advisable to always travel with two bicycle bags uniformly distributed load. Overall advises Ole von to 60: 40 distribution of the weight. 60% should there be packed to the front, as the rear axle is already burdened with our own body weight. Other sources speak of a 2/3 to 1/3 distribution on the rear axle and front axle. As you pack the panniers properly, you find the way, even with Ole.

It is important that we secured the packed bags on the bicycle and a test drive makes it.Everyone feels drivability otherwise, a rule of thumb, while indicating, however, this must be individually questioned.

Bike bags for the driver

The Handlebar Bag is seen repeatedly in bicycle travelers who place the cycling map of the region in them. the handlebar bag is fastened frequently Velcro. From capacity, it is a rather small pocket in which you can transport easily even a beverage bottle and look for the mobile phone and the camera a place for the volume is still often already maxed out. The cover usually forms a transparent film, behind the man — can stow street maps and cycling maps — protected from rain water. Quick release handlebar bag can be found for example by Rixen & Kaul with KlickFix systems, a manufacturer of including bike baskets and other accessories for bicycles manufactures.

Handlebar bag for front of bicycle

Bike bags for the frame

There are bicycle bags that are mounted in the frame. These bags are rather small from Capacity ago and can accommodate a lock, an air pump or a little tool; greater things can not be transported to it. A distinction is made, such a partnership pockets that are located within the bicycle frame and that one on the crossbar, the top pole anchored. these bags are fastened usually with a strong velcro. The downside: in a classic Damenrad this frame bags are not to be fixed. The large frame bags take almost a whole space of the bicycle frame and are not much wider than a few centimeters. Otherwise you get while kicking with knees against the bag, so it is important to note also in the loading of the bicycle bag. A bottle holder is no longer to apply in the case of the image.

Frame pocket bike

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