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Bike Airbag: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Bike Airbag: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet of Hövding

Invisible Bike Helmet Hövding

It sounds almost like a fairy tale when someone reported the invisible bicycle helmet. At first it sounds absurd, once you’ve seen him, one wonders why he invented was not much earlier. The Invisible Bicycle Helmet is an invention of two students from Sweden.In this invention, it comes to bring road safety and riding a bicycle with human vanity under one roof.The excuse that the hair is destroyed by the helmet does not count anymore. Even in the suit on the way to the bank of the helmet is not noticeable on. This is also one of the biggest advantages that hair is and it does not look weird when you arrive at work.

And that he is, the invisible helmet of Hövding

Invisible Bike Helmet created ActiveHe looks like a scarf and also does not fall much more. It is placed around the neck and works as a kind of frill. The difference with the ruff, however, the invisible helmet, the airbag helmet Hövding one still neat movement. The normal neck movements one makes when cycling, are not affected. But here it all depends on the correct helmet size to. I had at the test once a model in size S and M on. The S model was quite narrow, hereby I could not move freely.

Photo gallery helmet created — head movement quite possible

Invisible Bike Helmet created with freedom of movementInvisible Bike Helmet created with freedom of movement looking to the leftInvisible Bike Helmet created with freedom of movement looking to the rightInvisible Bike Helmet created with freedom of movement of the side - Hövding Airbag Helmet




The F ahrrad airbag is therefore now placed around the neck and the front closed with a zipper.The colorful pattern is actually an addition, hereby you can adjust the helmet to the clothing.This material is replaceable and removable. After the zipper is closed, everything is already done. Compared to a normal bicycle helmet applying is just as easy, if not easier. After applying you have to activate the security system yet. This requires that you press the button in the corresponding hole. You will hear short beeps, the LEDs on the front. The helmet is in focus.

So the bike airbag protects us against accidental injuries

If you go by bicycle and is, for example, hit by a car, then solves the helmet as a kind of airbag. About the head itself inside out in seconds an inflated Cases. Similar to earlier in the drying hoods. Either hitting now with his head on the floor or against an object, it is protected from the air cushion. A simple principle that is not cheap, unfortunately.

Disadvantages of the Invisible Bike Helmet

The helmet has two major drawbacks. One of the is the purchase price from the current 349-399 euros very expensive. If he once triggered, then it was. A second time he does not work.The manufacturer offers now that you return the tripped helmet and get another one for 50% of the price.

USB charging socketThe data are collected in an accident, will be used by the manufacturer to improve the system. Hence the deal with the 50%. Put it this way, solves the helmet are first 399 euros away, but he has triggered, then you can be sure that he has prevented life-threatening injuries. On the German mark, the model of 1.0 Hövding is not yet established, in view of the high price it is understood. Compared to the price with a normal helmet, then the invisible airbag helmet is far above the normal rates of bicycle helmets. The helmet must be periodically recharged via a USB cable. Only it works properly when you need him. To shop is located at the bottom of the LED strip a small USB plug.


My conclusion for invisible bicycle helmet

The Hövding airbag helmet is not for the extreme athlete. Assuming that one case falls now and again, this can be an expensive undertaking. The target group of the bicycle helmet should be to start with probably the bankers, brokers or managers of safe cycling to workwould come and yet not want to do without a proper hairstyle. The weight of 700 grams not realize so much that this is placed on the shoulders.

It is a pity that I could not test live the helmet, angesichst the price I can not understand this, however.

This awaits you in the next post

In our next article, we report on how we the correct bicycle saddle find. The width of a saddle is not chosen arbitrarily, but more on that in our next post.

The invisible helmet at Amazon

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