Bike Repair Stand / EUFAB “Professional” | Bike Repair Stand Test

EUFAB “Professional” | Bike Repair Stand Test

EUFAB “professional” in the test

EUFAB professional repair stand

 absolutely Stable

easy construction

large work area

360 degree swivel

not Bike balancierbar

With Amazon only EUR 49.28

Conveniently, yet well? The EUFAB bicycle repair stand would make exactly the test. For just 50 euros, at first glance very solid repair stand comes home. But where the resulting huge price difference to professional models like the Feedback Sports Pro Elite ? This question and whether an acquisition will be profitable to go in the following review in detail to the bottom.


The EUFAB repair stand Profi

the company EUFAB is known primarily for its excellent and award-winning bike rack for the car. In this segment, stability and quality is absolute must. The step auto fasteners to fixtures in the home workshop is therefore not very far-fetched.

Just as with the bicycle racks of EUFAB Professional is very easy to deploy in a few steps and cleaned up just as quickly in the corner space gently. So it is easy to carry him on a trip in the car.

The supplied steering lock does its job well properly and can be fixed between saddle and handlebar using rubber bands. Such a turn of the handle is no longer possible to one side.

Incidentally noticed is the professional EUFAB one of the best-selling bike repair stand throughout Germany. It all seems to speak for ours. Whether the stability, processing and functionality in a practical test also convinced us, there is then read.

Stability and processing

7kg weight is a lot for a repair stand. Of course this is to convey not ideal, but usually testifies of stability and good materials. The stability is also always given to the four far-reaching legs. Pretty much any power-consuming maintenance work can be performed safely.

The powder-coated metal components, and the sturdy plastic parts give a good feeling. Overall, something much plastic is used, but because of the price has already been determined in advance. The payload of about 30kg is also fine. Usually normal bicycles weigh no more than 20kg and also e-bikes below largely the 30kg mark. Who but mostly works with e-bikes should rather focus on a slightly more sustainable model.


To adjust and set up the EUFAB professional, there are relatively many ways. Whether it comes to the working height, the clamping width, or the rotation. Almost any desired settings are accessible. This alone proves the tremendous adjustment of the telescopic rod of up to 1.90 m height. The clamping of the bicycle can be smoothly accomplished via a bracket for receiving the bicycle frame. Here is set via a clamping lever the pipe diameter (25-40 mm) and fixed. The clip itself is in turn made of plastic. Here we would have liked a little more stable. but could find no problems until test completion. Whether this is but also works in a very long time still turn out.

What we also found negative was the horizontal pipe or the locking screw. This can not be fixed so strong for heavier bikes that a bike is constant in the desired position. Depending on the weight distribution or position of the frame clip is after the bike of gravity. For normal maintenance and repair operations of course this is not essential for survival. Nevertheless, of course, strike the inner perfectionist when the bike is not so, as you would like it.

In addition to this somewhat unsightly property, the EUFAB Professional comes standard with a tool holder. This is equipped with a magnet to the falling-out of screws or larger tool such as to prevent wrench. One way we found very thoughtful investment.


  • stability
  • 9. 3

  • processing
  • 8th. 3

  • functionality
  • 7. 1

  • Price-performance
  • 8th. 6


Total score:


The EUFAB pro had a tough challenge with this budget-mounting stand. To wide cheaper than ordinary bicycle repair stand but attracted but also some weaknesses with it. The choice of materials can be easily traced and does not appear in our eyes also serious. However, the yielding locking clip is not a small blemish. Of course, for the occasional passage adjusting or working with a chain cleaner  absolutely feasible and also every amateur cyclists should be made absolutely satisfied. If you see yourself as something professional, one should resort to an alternative. To this end, one must also take some extra cash in hand.In summary: for brief maintenance, which you do not want to perform on the floor, the EUFAB Professional offers a very successful and particularly inexpensive model. Who does not interfere with a slight shift of the bicycle in the bracket, is a lot of fun with this bike have work stand.


Buy now at Amazon for EUR 49.28!

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