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Bike for beginners / ADORE KS Cycling City Bike test: Place 5

ADORE KS Cycling City Bike test: Place 5

ADORE KS Cycling City Bike E-Bike Test


General Information
The bicycle of the future is clearly the e-bike. From the variety of deals on motorized bicycles seen from tests indicated that folding bikes with electric motor practical, lightweight and to guarantee rapid, stress-reduced driving.
In an E Bike Test experiences come together from a comparison. A group is presented by interested parties from the review of the best, resulting in many benefits.Was analyzed specifically and in detail in a KS Cycling City Bike Test the E-Bike Cycling KS Adore Zero in terms of handling, portability and handling.
Although a helmet is not mandatory, but should be used for their own safety. Especially for cyclists, including pedelecs and e-bikes belong to accidents can be fatal develop.
Armed with this, you take the rechargeable Li-ion battery, which according to a charging time of a normal outlet of 4-5 hours full charge has reached, and opens the luggage carrier. The battery is simply inserted, the lid folded and pressed the on / off. At this moment, the motor is activated. A magnetic key ensures that the function is ready to go — on the steering wheel for this purpose is a display for precise information. Simply press; with the lighting function of the start is almost sealed. First, however, still choose the support level which was also located on the steering wheel -. Four choices are available
The saddle is set at the retaining bar underneath with a lever to the seat height of the driver, so comfortable cycling is possible. With easy pedaling the group consisting of the light metal aluminum pedals it starts. The benefit in comparison to the normal cycling is created: Without exertions the first pitch can be handled and when descending reduces KS Cycling Adore Zero automatically while driving the speed, that is, at 25 km / h, it automatically switches off and is thus at the StVZO adjusted; a manual shutdown via the display is possible, which extends the battery life. Practical: For this pedelec / e-bike no license / driving license is required!


If the target is reached — for example, the mall, the office, the car, the train or just the garage for parking — which may be only a slim 20 kg light Electro Bike «halved» with only one handle in the middle. Once engaged, it has to a security lock. Well protected, it can be perfectly stowed and fits in every boot, the train compartment, next to the bus and train travel. So universal, it fulfills every desire for flexibility and to personally usable fitness. Whether more relaxed and so comfortable, or at least more performance-oriented, can be situational decided spontaneously.
It is particularly suitable for the age group between 20 and 50 as variable use, foldable and still provides full power. An advantage to the labor-saving application, if it must go fast times and the condition does not exist.
Of course driving this support by electric motor folding bike, which is equipped with 20-inch Kenda tires, reflective strips and K-Shield puncture protection, like a normal bike; this engine is off. Then makes for more ride winning the Shimano Nexus 3-speed rotary circuit, located on the steering wheel, it has the advantage of freedom from maintenance. And despite the entrained engine which is E-Bike Cycling KS Adore Zero lightweight through the use of aluminum 6061 alloy.

Wheel Size: 20 inch
lithium-ion battery 36V 6.6Ah in Porter, lockable,
reach to 70 KM — Charging time 4-5 hours
battery level monitored (LEDs).
Brushless DC electric motor with four-level support;
Sensor-controlled shutdown by brake application;
Magnet key to activate.
Light aluminum frame with 6061 alloy
Shimano Nexus 3-speed with twist shifter and gear indicator
folding system with safety lock
Spanninga LED lighting
APSE V-brakes with power modulator for brake-dosage
Kenda tires with reflective strips
K-Shield puncture protection
adjustable aluminum kickstand

Folding size: 75 x 80 x 40
Frame size 35 cm.
Weight: 19,5 kg.


Lithium Ion battery 36V 6.6Ah with Samsung cells reach the manufacturer up to 70 km. In our e Citybike test we came so far just 30km .; Charging time 4-5 hours. Magnetic keys for motor activation. Aluminum cranks and anti-slip pedals are lightweight and foldable, especially important during transport.
For this purpose charger, reflectors and bell.
The bike is assembled to 85%. For safety, a specialist is to fully assemble recommended that followed up all pre-aligned parts and finally composed.121E-E-BIKE-PEDELEC-CITY-Folding-ADORE-ZERO-ORANGE-Z-17

Schalow & Kroh accepts the support, where you can abwklären everything easily via Amazon. The toll-free hotline is  0800-5888648. For complaints, the company responds quickly and reliably. A tip: when ordering directly through the retailer must pay the submission itself. If the pedelec is however via Amazon, then the seller has to take in complaints shipment. Design frame, handlebars and handlebar are made of lightweight aluminum and unbreakable, white plastic. It is not the best possible material, but it is but light and therefore increases the range. The ergonomically, carefully crafted saddle fits held to white to black, height adjustable and waterproof. It is modern and just the design that probably most chic folding bike at the time.


Price / performance
A pedelec with a balanced price-performance ratio. Since it costs less than 1000 €, of course you have some drawbacks. On the one hand some weak battery it should be mentioned, on the other hand would be the lack of suspension, making the KS Cycling to a pure city bike.Larger tours the country are therefore not to make.


Easy-to-use, high-performance e-bike that can be folded and stowed anywhere. The activation of the engine is easy and the automatic safety lock is advantageous. For the target group between 20 to 50 years an indispensable vehicle for personal transport (also with luggage, for example, for purchases outstanding!) In order to save valuable time or to increase his fitness for gentle kind. Reach can indeed be desired, especially if you have a few extra kilos, because the e-bike is designed, however, for the city, this is no major problem.



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