Roof mounted bike carriers / Aurilis Green Valley 1466 roof rail in a practical test

Aurilis Green Valley 1466 roof rail in a practical test

Aurilis Green Valley 1466 Roof rails in Test

Aurilis roof rack 1466 steelThe French automotive companies Aurilisspecializes in the production and distribution of accessories. Since 1989, the manufacturer also offers different support systems mounted on different cars can be. The wide range includes a variety of roof beams, which are offered at reasonable prices. Here, the manufacturer uses the brand name Green Valley .

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Functional Overview

  • maximum carrying load: 75 kg
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 5 kg
  • including theft

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  • understand instructions
  • rapid initial assembly
  • high quality
  • double corrosion protection
  • Lock with keys included


  • is only suitable for certain BMW models
  • no anti-theft protection

The rails, which are produced by Aurilis, adapt to different vehicles. In many smaller cars , such as the transport of Volkswagen , can be, for example, the 156 512 Roof racks Green Valley fix, which is manufactured by Aurilis. Thanks to the large range, which offers the manufacturer, there is a suitable roof rails for almost any vehicle.

With its Green Valley 1466 fixing the manufacturer also offers a railing that many automobiles from BMW fits. We have this railing checked by a thorough practical test. It showed advantages and disadvantages , which we explain in this review. Of course, we also reveal whether the purchase of Aurilis Green Valley is recommended 1466 roof rails.

Delivery, packaging and commissioning

Previously, the products of Aurilis could be acquired only in garages and stores. Today the products arealso on the Internet sold. Many popular online stores have added the French support and the other accessories of the automobile experts in their sales catalog.

The products of Aurilis be for example, by the prestigious bookshop Amazon sells.There is also the Green Valley can be purchased in 1466 roof rails, which are currentlylittle more than 80 euros costs.

Aurilis Green Valley roof railsWe ordered the product, we have experimented in connection, also on the Internet. So we saved not only in price, because the railing there especially low was. We are saved and the transport of the carrier, which instead delivered within a few days back home were. After a two-day waiting period, the transport system was handed over by the employee of a logistics company. It is at this time in a rugged package that weighs exactly six kilograms.

Inside the enclosure are the individual components that are assembled to a large extent. By robust packaging the risk of damage is reduced to a minimum. There is little risk that the transport system is damaged to the consumer before delivery. This is also the additional packaging material , which is located in the carton box.

The packaging does not only bring the two cross member, but also a guide that educates young people on how to proceed. There, the upcoming construction of the rail is well explained . With the help of instructions, assembly is carried out quickly. The necessary tools, a simple Allen key is included with the Aurilis Green Valley 1466 roof rails. With this tool can fix the carrier. The screws provide secure grip.

It took about 30 minutes until we had the Aurilis Green Valley 1466 Roof rails mounted on the roof of our test vehicle. For this, we connected the crossbar with the vehicle matching feet, which are also included.

Features of the roof rack

The Green Valley 1466 Roof rail can only on certain types of vehicles are fitted, which in recent years byBMW produced Roof rail for BMW of Auriliswere. The French roof rack fits on certain models of the 1 Series and the 3 Series of the German automaker.

Thus, the roof structure, among other things on the leaves F20 hatchback 1 Series use, which ran off the assembly line from 2011 on. Other models of the 1 Series sold 1998-2011, may also be connected to the carrier.

The E91 estate , which was produced 2005-2016, and from 2016 available F30 3 Series Saloon are also supported. For these vehicles, the manufacturer provides specific fasteners , through which the carrier can be fixed on the roof.

The actual railing is made of durable plastic and solid metal . Here the good processing can be recognized because no superfluous column or dangerous edges exist. The quality of workmanship can be also on the painting seen through the metallic elements of the transport system to be protected. The two bars feature a double corrosion protection , which contributes to the longevity of the railing. Finally, the supporting elements are well protected from the weather.

After installation, the new support offering plenty of space. On the transverse structure, have their poles a circumference of 2.2 times 3.2 centimeters, can now different objects placed are not included. Thus, for ski and bicycle racks placed on the roof of the BMW, if the rail is mounted. On the railing but are also the roof baskets and transport boxes of many well-known manufacturers fit. We have verified in practice.All results, find out in the next section.

The railing in the practical test

In the practical part of our tests, we tested the rail, by providing them with a Testfahrzug used. We made countless kilometers back in the BMW to convince us of the quality of the French institution. This showed that the rail can be fitted with different attachments.

Roof boxes and baskets could be safely fixed on the structure. With the proper attachments we alsobicycles, skis and other sports equipment to move from place to place. The Green Valley 1466 roof rail can be, for example, with the usual Thule Roof Boxes use. There, tool or luggage can be stowed.

During the breaks, where we were staying not in the vehicle, we wanted a function.Although the carrier is fixed by screws, but these are quickly removed. We feared a theft. The Green Valley 1466 has roof rails, unlike other models, through no lock , which is locked if necessary.

Other models are somewhat safer. So that is Mont Blanc Ready Fit 20 Easy Go railing , which we also tested, with a secured lock Periphery of a roof rail of Aurilisfeature that makes the theft of transport. Users of Aurilis Green Valley 1466 Roof rail must renounce such assurance, unfortunately , because the product is not equipped with this function.

At full speed, the rail makes barely noticeable, as long as no additional cargo is moved. Thanks to the sleek forms of rail which are handling only marginally affected . Here intersects the Green Valley 1466 Roof rail but not worse than similar products.

Roof rail for BMW

Anyone who owns a BMW the 1er or the 3 Series, his vehicle can certainly enhance the roof rail of the French manufacturer Aurilis. The practical transport system scores with a good processing. Thanks to the two-time corrosion protection which support the rails are estimated well against rust. Thanks to understand instructions which is mounted in a short time performed.

Shortly afterwards, the institution fit with other components. In fact, the current boxes can very securely connect to the railing. There is no risk that the transported material is lost. Papers for bikes and skis could also attach well. To allow the Green Valley 1466 Roof rail diverse transportation of different objects.

For these reasons, we can recommend the purchase of the railing. It is a cheap alternative by which creates a lot of space on the roof of a BMW. On larger security systems like a castle, the consumer must dispense then however.

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test result


4th Place

Summary: A high-quality and affordable roof rails for most BMW models.


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