Roof mounted bike carriers / Montblanc Easy Go Ready Fit 20 roof carrier in test

Montblanc Easy Go Ready Fit 20 roof carrier in test

Montblanc Easy Go Ready Fit 20 roof carrier in test

Montblanc Roof railsWith a roof rack can light and heavy luggage to be transported very safe.The carrier also enable the transport of bicycles and skis , which are easily moved on the roof of the appropriate vehicle. Such carriers, which are often perceived as Guardrails are referred to belong to the range of different companies who specialize in the manufacture of transport systems.

A company that manufactures different Porters, the famous group Montblanc , which has existed for 1947th Today that produces renowned companies of different transport systems, which are mounted on or in the vehicle. The products are exported to European manufacturing facilities produce, which are located in France, Romania and Sweden.

To the current range of the company of the Mont Blanc belongs Easy Go Ready Fit 20 roof carrier to allow the transport of luggage, bicycles and skis. We have this product by a detailed practical test can examine. We discovered many strengths that we now reveal in this review. We reveal whether the acquisition of around 120 euros expensive carrier of Mont Blanc actually worth.

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Functional Overview

  • maximum carrying load: 100 kg
  • Weight incl. Packing: about 4.2 kg
  • including theft

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  • silent even at high speeds
  • high-quality aluminum
  • Suitable for bikes, boxes and skis
  • low air resistance
  • Simple & fast assembly
  • Lock with keys included


  • slight overhead necessary to eliminate whistling

Delivery and packaging

Previously, the products of Montblanc were only on the local Traders sold. In Garages customers could often acquire the manufacturer’s support. Later, the products arrived in the regional construction market . There also Guardrails of Mont Blanc are sold today. The products are now sold over the Internet.

Many reputed online stores have added the current products by Montblanc in their range. There, the carriers are often much cheaper to buy.

We ordered our support, we wanted to examine in detail, also a well-known online store. So we saved not only in price. Finally, the transport accounted for the roof rack, which were instead delivered easily.After the order took only a few days until we reached the railing of Mont Blanc.been mounted roof rack

It is located in a sturdy carton that provides good protection against knocks and bumps. Thus, there is no fear that the transport system is damaged before delivery. In the package that exactly 4.2 kg is easy to see not only the two carriers, but also other elements to the first assembly are required.

Manual and Installation

In the packaging of Mont Blanc Easy Go Ready Fit 20 roof carrier, there are two keys , with which the two roof elements can be secured. Here is also found a detailed guide that educates young people on the use of the carrier. On the four sides the reader encounter many important information. Large surface graphics facilitate the first assembly. Additional written statements explaining the structure of the carrier to the last detail.

After reading the manual is the first installation carried out in a short time. We needed about ten minutes to mount the Mont Blanc Ready Fit 20 Easy Go roof rack for the first time on a test vehicle. For subsequent dismantling and reassembly lost much less time.

We needed only three minutes to rebuild the carrier on the roof. In just a short time could disassemblyare performed. The simple handles easily get out of hand.

So the waste and the construction may also be an entry be performed which has previously never worked with such a transport system.

The roof railing at a glance

The Mont Blanc Ready Fit 20 Easy Go roof rack consists of two beams of high-quality aluminum were produced. The silver metal tubes are 1.20 meters long, 7.3 centimeters thick and 2.7 centimeters high. At the ends of the tubes, which were treated by oxidation, there are plastic flaps that ensure safety , because the risk of injury is reduced.

At the ends and which have holders attached, with which the carrier can be fixed on the vehicle. They also consist of plastic, which, however, was particularly strengthened in order to withstand even greater loads. The manufacturer has the most robust material GFK processed at this point, who built for high loads was. Therefore, the carrier can use a maximum of 130 kilograms are complaining.

The roof rack of Mont Blanc fits on almost any vehicle.

The list of supported cars leads known models Mit_Schlossto Audi, Ford and Mercedes Benz. Other trucks are also supported. For the Mont Blanc Ready Fit 20 Easy Go roof racks are mounted on many popular means of locomotion. It is therefore more universal use than other transport systems. By comparison, the well tested by us Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rackfits only on three vehicles.As the Mont Blanc Ready Fit Easy Go was able to maintain 20 roof carrier in practice, we have our test also reviewed. The railing of Mont Blanc could totally convince. All results , find out in the next section, which we explain on our practical experience with the carrying system.

Practical test of the roof bar

We joined the Mont Blanc Ready Fit 20 Easy Go roof rack with different test vehicles , we moved the debate over many kilometers. The carriers were treated with various roof boxes stocked. We have found that almost all current models can be reattached to the railing of Mont Blanc. The transport of bicycles and skis is also no problem if the appropriate kit has been installed.

The carrier can be loaded with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms.

At full speed, the carrier makes but by a certain noisenoticeable. At high speeds creates awhistling sound , which can be reduced, however. The manufacturer must present his support practical strips of rubberat. They can be easily cut. Thereafter, the rubber is stuffed into the open channels through which the pipe is formed.

So the support is no longer listening to now. With the rubber stopper the previously annoying whistling stays out completely.

The more work that is not required in other media such as the Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 so worth the effort.If the holder resides not in or on the vehicle, the carrier can be well secured. The two aluminum bars were aSecure mounting a roof carrierquick lock provided, which can be actuated by the user. Then it is almost impossible to remove the extremely tight support the automobile. Practical theft protection works excellently. There is little risk that the rail is stolen by a thief.

Transport assistance with anti-theft protection

If you want to transport luggage, bicycles or even furniture safely on the roof, can lead the Mont Blanc Easy Go Ready Fit 20 use carrier. The well-processing support system adapts to almost any vehicle. For the assembly no tools are required. It only takes a few minutes until the rail is mounted on the roof. The required initial assembly is explained by the instructions that come with the delivery.

In the ongoing use allows the support burden with heavy weight. The carriers hold a weight of up to 100 kilograms . At full speed, the two rails are barely noticeable if the user has committed the seals that accompany the supplies installed. It is not a pipe to hear that the passengers and the driver of the vehicle would interfere.

The Mont Blanc Ready Fit 20 Easy Go roof rack can be combined with most roof boxes that can be mounted without any problems. Therefore we can to the manufacturer’s carrier recommend without restrictions.

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test result

Security & Stability

3rd place

Summary: High-quality roof rails, which can be easily mounted on almost all cars.


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