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Bike Racks & Bags / Bicycle Backpack Test 2016 — That should the backpack everything can

Bicycle Backpack Test 2016 — That should the backpack everything can

Bicycle Backpack Test — What the backpack everything can should

Bike pack test

Who rides a bicycle to work, the swimming pool or just for shopping, the not always want to take the big panniers. A good alternative is a bicycle backpack, these are available in different sizes and from different manufacturers. Before purchasing and acquisition you should ask yourself a few questions about the application and the application:

  • What I want to convey with it?
  • I would like this to transport it?
  • How is my physical situation?

Claim to the bike pack

I ride a bike to work and I want to carry only my breakfast and my lunch in the backpack, reaches a small version. For example, as with us, the Mainstream MSX Backpack 48 °.Especially in cities, more and more commuters on bicycles, in part they are also without a rack. The mounting another bicycle bag is therefore somewhat difficult.

Bicycle backpack Mainstream MSX Backpack 48 °

The size and volume of the bag should always put in the relationship with one’s own health and body size. Also the weight of the bag is a factor that you should consider when purchasing. If you dainty and small, the bike backpack should not be too large. An Ortlieb Messenger BAG XL is difficult for a petite person of eg 168 cm tall to wear. (These big bags are often used by trained and habituated bicycle messengers.)

Material from the bike pack

Do I use the bag daily, it should be of a sturdy and resistant material. Wind and weather directly hit the backpack manufacturers like MSX or Ortlieb rely on water and windproof materials. In combination with a special locking technique, you can also close the bike backpacks waterproof.

Bicycle backpack shoulder straps and seams

The transported, everything is in the bike pack is so well protected and does not get wet when it rains. As with all bags, backpacks and any bike clothing , the processing to the point and of high quality should be. Make the vicinity prior to first use a bad impression, you should immediately leave the fingers of the product and look for another bike pack.

The bike backpack should have a stable back

Prefer my purchases backpacking transport, it is very important that this well is located at the back and does not push the load in the back. Food cans, milk cartons or other sharp objects should never have the chance, while driving to trigger an unpleasant pressure. Good bike backpacks therefore have a stable «back wall» which is partially ergonomically adapted to the back shape. This is important so that the backpack does not press on the spinal column.Similar to a good hiking backpack.

Back cushion msx 48 degrees

If the outdoor backpack plus a type of spacer-back is, this is not directly the back and the sweat can evaporate better.

Attachment with the belts

The backpack should be secure, but should not press. For this reason, it should still bring not only shoulder straps, but also a chest strap and if possible a waist belt. The more straps the backpack, the more stable it can be worn even without the need to pull straps too tight.Chest BackPac 48 degrees MSX

Wide shoulder straps ensure comfort. The larger the contact surface is, the less the feeling that lace the belts in the shoulders. Especially with a high filling weight wide Schultergrute are particularly important.

Several compartments and pockets on the backpack

The large main compartment comes with every bike backpack, it is doing interesting when it comes to the benefits and additional compartments to the bag. Things you or often need fast, you should also be able to reach. The bike wrench the door key or wallet are ideal in a smaller side pocket or stow a leader. Here you can get hold of these things without having to rummage through the large compartment. Some backpacks have inside also still a subdivision into different compartments.

Various Backpacks Overview

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