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MSX Backpack 48 ° bike pack test

MSX Backpack 48 ° bike pack in Test

MSX Backpack 48 ° bike pack

Today the focus, the bike backpack MSX Backpack 48 °. We’re doing the processing, the cargo volume and handling. We also take a look at the practicality, the wearability and comfort. The backpack was delivered fully operational and can be used immediately.An assembly is eliminated. Extra parts or accessories are not.

Material processing and closures to the MXS Backpack 48 °

The MSX Backpack 48 ° has a volume of 25 liters. It consists of 100% nylon and is to be dust and water resistant. The backpack has known at MSX roll closure in combination with a magnetic closure MCM. With the closure can close the bag after rolling on and secure. Thus, the rolling shutter can not rise even at a high load. To this end, both sides are stacked and rolled before. This closure is already at the MSX SL 55 known AVANTGARDE.

Roll UDN magnetic closure on the MSX Backpack 48 °

The front pocket has a waterproof zipper, a so-called YKK Aqua Guard closure. This technique prevents the ingress of water via the closure. Here the wallet or house key has its place, but also the smart phone, as it is well protected even in the rain. The backpack itself has a grade stand space where you can down him depending on the content, correct.

Waterproof zipper on Fahrradtasche MSX Mainstream

The processing of materials

At the seams worked cleanly and without large overhangs. The bodies which are under a higher load, shoulder strap and connection to the backpack, are specially sewn. Besides stitching can also be found welds. The closures include all very clean and the plastic parts no spray noses or projections of material. Overall, the bike backpack and its processing makes a good impression.

Pockets and compartments of MSX Backpack

The bike pack consists of a large main compartment and a smaller front pocket. In the main compartment is still a padded internal compartment that hostel for a 15 «laptop may be.Alternatively fits here also a block A4 in perfectly. Thus, the objects do not slip from the tray can also be secured with a Velcro here.

Internal compartment for laptop up to 15 inches

Comfort on the back

Thus, the backpack not suppressed and also items in the backpack not unpleasant push in the back, is set here on a padding and reinforced rear wall. To avoid unnecessary shaking while driving, is the backpack, in addition to the well-padded shoulder straps, fixed with a chest and / or abdominal belt. All straps are adjustable in length and provide maximum flexibility in adapting.

Back MSX Backpack Bike Backpack

The slight innately backpack is empty hardly noticeable on the back. Even with content wearing is comfortable, the wide shoulder straps ensure a good discharge to the shoulder.

Conclusion for MSX Backpack 48 ° backpack

We use the MSX Backpack 48 ° bike pack from the mainstream line for the way to the office.Our laptop has its place, the notepad and the Tupperware container with the food also.Although we sometimes carry a big folder, this is no problem. The bike pack is ideal for smaller errands or for the way to the lecture. We have the bicycle bag in white and black in color. The white bag is better in the summer and in warm weather, when it comes to transport temperature sensitive content (eg, purchases).

Video — use the MSX Backpack 48 °

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Our rating: 4.2/5

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