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Bike for beginners / Ergon GP3 bicycle grips in Test

Ergon GP3 bicycle grips in Test

Ergon GP3 bicycle grips with Barends — Squirrel

Ergon GP3 bicycle grips

There are attachments on the bicycle that is vitally thrive for pleasant cycling and comfortable. The handles are precisely those attachments with which the driving pleasure can be significantly influenced. The Ergon GP3 L handles we look today at more closely.After the us Ergon GP1 have explained already in detail, we provide in this review the ergonomic handles with Barends (croissant). On our tour through Germany, we have a lot of accessories mounted on the bike, these handles.

I practice that actually and it makes sense: Before you purchase there is always the question?This results out of the requirement and is not to give a general answer.

Squirrel Barend Ergon GP3

With ergonomic handles makes possible to improve ride comfort. Sleeping a thenars, individual finger, the entire hand or even the forearm while driving a, these handles, provide for the proper installation, Remedy. Why exactly the croissants to the GP3 handles? Who does long bike rides, which will be noted that the hands also need a break. Thus one does not have to go freehand, eg serving croissants for gripping. The hand can change the position and to relax and unwind.

In the mountains you can see the handles to pull utilize the weight to move more forward.We had the ergonomic bicycle grips GP3 first in our bicycle tour through Germany in use.Especially with the slopes, we have learned to love.

Delivery and installation of Ergon GP3 L handles

be delivered the handles in pairs and with all parts such as screws, caps and croissant. A handle is As with the GP1 handles outside of the carton and can be felt even before you buy.The second handle is in a box, in addition to a manual Are there also other parts such as screws and a cap on the end.

Packaging Ergon grips

After dissolved the old slope reefs has and the handlebar is free, you can push the GP3 grips on the handlebars. First, we do not fix the handles. We set and on the saddle and grip the first handle. We assume a normal driving position and seat position and try each handle align so that our forearm forms a line with the wrist. Whoever carries bicycle gloves cycling, should carry these also need adjustment. Once we have found the position, we can now attach and align the croissant.

The bar ends are plugged in to the outer end of the handles. These also have the screw to fix and clamp the handles on the handlebars. Unlike the GP1 the screws are not visible or attached below.

Ergon GP3 handles before mounting

We tipped them a little forward. On the lower, outer side is the Allen screw for fixing cautious.Using strokes can be accurately read what angle you fixed the bar ends. On the other side of the handlebar can now align and fix the second handle the same way. About the strokes you get set the same angle.

Bottom bicycle grips

Tweaking and adjust the handles

Whether the handles really fit well and not fall asleep hands, you realize while traveling a certain distance, and time on the bike. It is recommended the right tool to bring loosening the screw. If one notices that the arms, hands and fingers go to sleep, you have to adjust a little to the handlebar grip. We have corrected this after the first 25 km, with us the palm of your hand falls asleep. Our wrist was minimal caved, after correcting a straight line was obtained from the forearm and wrist. The numbness was less. A further 15 km you had to adjust a little bit again. With two breaks for the correction we have got it right.

Our Note: Ask the handles one during a break a long journey before you rate the products unfit. If the handlebars been changes in the millimeter range can have an impact.

Conclusion for Ergon GP3 test

Seen priced the handles in the higher segment are found. With good 59 euros are not a bargain, but with proper installation and good attitude, they are worth every penny. The croissants have exactly brought relief when grasping to which we had hoped. The handles have supported the palm in place and put the burden on descents. On long haul you were ideally positioned to receive a positive and pleasant driving experience. Those who wish can get the Ergon GP3 in Cork. Design and sizes are the same, only the material is different.

Who is willing to spend a little more money, the Ergon should view GP3 handles even closer.From us get the handles 5 out of 5 points.

Here you can buy the Ergon GP3 on Amazon

Our rating: 5/5

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