Child Bike Trailers (page 3)

Child Bike Trailers

Thule Chariot CX1

Thule Chariot CX1 For professional or amateur athletes with the highest standards of materials, technology and comfort, the top model will be presented among the children transporters with the Thule C...

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Vantly seater

Vantly seater The Vantly is also available as a single-seater. Practically each small family. The by its brown color rather unimpressive acting child bike trailer, it has after all in itself. We once ...

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Vantly Dual 2

Vantly Dual 2 In sassy, flashy yellow of Vantly Dual 2 conquering the roads. But what can this small, yellow runabout everything and what he can not? We wanted to know more: practice test In practice,...

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Qeridoo Speedkid 2

Qeridoo Speedkid 2 The Qeridoo Speedkid 2 presents itself in 2014 with entirely new features.This affordable model for one or two children has much to offer, and is a great option for summer fun bike....

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