Rear mounted bike racks / Menabo Race III rear carrier with transport box in Test

Menabo Race III rear carrier with transport box in Test

Menabo Race III rear carrier with transport box in Test

Rear carrier of MenaboThose who want to transport bicycles safely, requires the appropriate carrier, which is attached to the automobile. Such transport systems are mounted either on the roof or at the rear of the vehicle. Often one is towbar used by the carrier can be fixed to the rear. Such transport for bicycles are produced by different manufacturers.

A company that manufactures the practical holders for bikes, comes from Italy. There produce the skilled workers of the renowned company Menabo , founded several decades ago, the current range. For large facilities include bicycle carriers and transport boxes which are mostly to purchase additionally. However, the manufacturer also offers complete systems consisting of a carrier and a matching box.

Currently Menabo stores such his Race III rear carrier , which is supplied with a practical transport. So not only bicycles, but also luggage or other objects with the transport system can be moved. We have the model of Menabo extensively tested . Here, much strengths and few weaknesses, which we with this disclosed review enlighten.

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Functional Overview

  • Trailer hitch Fahrradtäger
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • 30 kg payload
  • electrical lighting elements

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  • spacious transport included
  • with electric tail lights
  • Space for additional license plate
  • high quality
  • TÜV tested


  • aufwenige assembly
  • not suitable for couplings of aluminum

The products of the Italian producers Menabo are also sold over the Internet. Many renowned online stores have received the support of Italy in their range. Different traders use the auction platforms on the network in order to sell the transport opportunities to the consumer.

We ordered our support, we then tested extensively, also on the Internet. So we saved ourselves the transport of the product, which is supplied in a sturdy box.

By robust enclosure are all components that are included, well protected against damage.In the box you will find all the parts that must first be assembled by the user. Here are also the parts of which the box is made, which can be fixed to the carrier. The relatively complicated assembly is through the manual explains, also located III rear carrier in the packaging of Menabo Race.


Manual and Installation

The detailed instructions that accompany the delivery, explain all handles that the Assembly needed the support. Here you will find large-scale graphics , by the assembly of the transport system is visualized.

With the help of instructions for the assembly of the carrier can be carried out in a few hours.

Menabo manufacturer for railing and roof rackWe stopped the time to test how many hours to build the Menabo Race III tail boom are required. After about 180 minutes , all parts were installed in the right place. The handles were required to learn quickly. Thus the carrier may even by a lay person to be installed, which has not yet been worked with such a transport system. After a few hours the carrier shines for bicycles in full splendor.

Within this context, which make high quality taillights noticeable, located at the carrier. They are easily connected to the appropriate input. The manufacturer equips his vehicle not only with the conventional connector, but also with an adapter from. With the seven-pole element can support are also associated with older inputs. If the plug is connected to the input, allows the carrier to use for the first time.

The bicycle carrier at a glance

The Menabo Race III rear carrier consists largely of metal, which has been well made. Many components are made of lightweight aluminum . The parts which are particularly loaded were even of steel made.On carrier to visit some parts that were made of plastic. So there is the bar, where there are the taillights, made of this light material.

Therefore, can also be the carrier of Menabo by a single person moving very well.

At the end of the carrier, there are not only the lights but also space for a number plate , which in some models by the bicycles and the Menabo crateobscured transport system. Other bicycle carrier, which we also tested are mounted so that license plate is always visible. When BackPac 973 Tailgate bicycle carrier the lights So always remain to be seen. That is certainly the reason why Menabo his model with additional lamps that the TÜVhas provided have been verified, and space for a license plate.

In practical rails that are located on the support, the wheels may be fixed very safely be. The Menabo Race III rear carrier which 1.20 meters wide is may, with three bikes out are fitted, which are very safe to fix. The framework provides the necessary attitude status. The bikes should be coherent with the tensioning straps are secured, which are located on the carrier. Then there is no danger that the wheels fall from the transport opportunity. We have checked the carrier with and without box in the practice. All results in the next section.

The support in the practical test

Who wants to move no bicycles, but luggage, use the supplied crate on a volume of 330 liters has. The manufacturer equips his Race III carrier with Boxxy transport box from. With this box, which is secured with simple U-bolts, can not exceeding 30 kg are transported.

We fixed the Menabo Race III rear-carriers at various test vehicles , we moved the debate over long distances. It was found that the carrier fits firmly each trailer coupling.

We found, however, that the transportation system not for couplings made of aluminum is suitable.

Otherwise, the carrier can use but good. The bicycles and the box can be fixed very safe. The taillights , which are approved for the road, worked always reliable. Even at high speeds to make the rear building, which is located on the vehicle, hardly noticeable. The construction which is 47 centimeters long, only generates a low air resistance . The resulting noise can be heard inside the car barely.

The box also could be good use. They can be lowered if necessary. Thus, the user can reach the trunk well . In addition, the box can be much easier to fill than other systems that are located on the roof. The optimal height the baggage is very easy to reach.

Complete system for bicycles and luggage

Menabo tail boom and transport boxWho wants to carry not only bicycles, but also luggage, often requires multiple carriers and matching boxes. The Menabo Race III rear-carriers must not use this often very expensive accessories are fitted. Finally, the Boxxy-box in which a lot of luggage can be moved to fix them.

The assembly of the support, however, requires some time. It may take several hours until the transport system for the first time can be connected to the vehicle. For couplings made of aluminum, the support is however not suitable. For additional luminaires provide great safety.

The Menabo Race III rear carrier can also by good processing points. So either three bicycles or can up to 30 kg of luggage to be transported very safe. For these reasons we can Menabo Race III rear carrierthoroughly recommended.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

4th Place

Summary: The highlight of this robust bike carrier is the spacious luggage box, which is included.


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