Bike Repair Stand / Park Tool PCS-10 – Bike Repair Stand Test

Park Tool PCS-10 – Bike Repair Stand Test

Park Tool PCS-10

park tool pcs-10

 very strong

compact state

high quality

large clamping height

Secure-Lock clamp device

With Amazon only EUR 159.90

Park Tool looks back on now for over 50 years long face, which began with a bicycle repair stand and until today represents a class customer satisfaction.

So far were Park Tool repair stand to be very reliable and good overall, but could be in relation to competitors generally do not settle.Whether Park Tool can create with the PCS-10, you will learn in the following test.

Construction and design – stable and secure

park tool pcs-10 test

With an improved clamping grip which the Park Tool PRS-25 is very similar in handling to pretty much any frame or seat tube adjusts so keeping it very safe. The clamping can be very easily and in no time operate with the quick closure and only one hand. This is a really good improvement over the PCS-9 wherein the trapping of heavier bikes was often a burden.

The length of the clip is 87mm and is therefore somewhat longer, but should be able to hold all of the frames and pipes easily anyway.Possibly it is necessary slightly extend the seat tube further. Whether you want to vertically hoizontal or somewhere secure the bike in between, everything is with the Park Tool PCS-10 possible. The rotation creates ParkTool so smoothly, yet rock solid when you have reached the position, more than any other manufacturer.

Even when the total allowable carrying capacity of the mounting stand trumps all competitors. Satte 45 kilograms can be attached to the repair stand. As much as with any other model in the price range – and the whole still at a portable bicycle repair stand.

As with the PCS-9, the stand is constructed at the PCS-10 on three feet. Where the Weight focus is on the two Front. Thus, a stable and steady free installation is guaranteed – if you placed the assembly stand on a level surface. When mountain biking or downhill driving which is not always possible and one must be careful to balance or to store them at the two front legs, the weight (In a slope always down hinstelle).

park tool pcs-10 Truing

Transportable with small drawbacks

The bike repair stand is fully adjustable with durable quick release levers. The height can be adjusted from 109cm up to a maximum of 152 cm. Even if one does not require additional tools for the folding, you can again save with the removal of the clamp handle slightly in size and so shrink the model to a manageable 104 cm.

The high stability is reflected in the net again. Whole 7.5 kg can go into the bone during frequent configuration.

With the optionally available accessories can transform the Park Tool PCS-10 in a small workshop. Whether toolbox, truing or simple towel rail – there are a number of useful extensions.

The most common question that we get to Park Tool PCS-10 is whether the additional feature to charge for Park Tool PCS-9 are justified. Considering that the price difference is not serious and the Lifetime warranty on both models is, the main difference is to be found at the clamp handle. Here the PCS-10 is clearly superior in terms of usability and processing.

  • stability
  • 10

  • processing
  • 10

  • functionality
  • 9. 1

  • Price-performance
  • 9. 2


Total score:


If the Park Tool PCS-10 the Feedback Sports somewhat inferior Elite Pro terrain and transportability, but he has enes perfect repair stand for your own hobby shop with great values, which pay from time to time and again.

Buy now at Amazon for EUR 159,90!

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