Rear mounted bike racks / Thule 940000: 2nd place in the rear carrier test

Thule 940000: 2nd place in the rear carrier test

Thule 940000 rear carrier Euro Ride 940


Thule 940000Who is a cycling enthusiast and wants to take his vehicle with the holidays, which should of course also the possibility for the safe transport of his bicycle have. Here, the quality, the processing and also the comfort of the bicycle rack plays a very important role. Whether the manufacturer Thule in this test can score again read in our comprehensive practical test (below).

So much first: The rear carrier is 940000 with its functions in our test just behind our winner, the Thule 922,000th

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Functional Overview

  • Trailer hitch Fahrradtägre
  • Weight: 16.7 kg
  • 36 kg payload
  • lockable clamping nut

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  • Quick Grip mounting
  • practical folding mechanism
  • Fahrädabstände adjustable
  • suitable for all frame and bicycle types
  • Secure and firm grip


  • no


The data for Thule 940000 rear carrier

The Thule wheel carrier is designed to provide easy and comfortable space for two bicycles, which can be mounted on the carrier readily.

thule 9400The payload of the car accessories is 36 kg and must be mounted on the tow bar of the car. So if notrailer coupling is having from the outset the wrong product.

With the new quick-fixing handle the manufacturer assures the buyers a simple and comfortable installing the wheel carrier, bringing the buyer should perhaps save time and hassle.With a few simple steps the product is to be mounted on the car of the enthusiastic cyclist, so the holiday can begin quickly and hassle free.

The folding mechanism of the bicycle rack with the simple movement, the manufacturer promises a flawless access to the trunk of the car – even this concession to help the buyer when relaxed loaded the car for the holiday.

the carrier is also supposed to completely and safely locked. The wheels are in this case secured to the wheel carrier, so that the wheels can not be simply shut stolen. The bicycle carrier itself is secured to the clutch of the vehicle so that the Thule 940000 can not be together with wheels stolen from the car.

Using the new adjustable holder rim but gentler on the bike – – protection be given and the wheel holders soft straps to an additional. The wheel is again more stable attached to the rear carrier so that the sports equipment not easily gets into wobbling or even falls from wheel down.

By – guaranteed by the manufacturer – sturdy frame holder for frame size 22mm – 70mm more protection and more stability to be brought into the transport of the wheel, so a proper and accident-free driving to enable the goal.

In addition, the manufacturer promises – like all – a fair price – / performance ratio that the buyer should be convinced of the brand Thule.

Whether all these allegations to take real and can really convince us of Thule bike carrier, is visible in our following test.

The Thule 940000 rear carrier in the practical test

The bicycle carrier of the brand Thule is compact and stable. The design of this car accessory is easy and simple and fits optically certainly a chiceres car.

When unpacking the knuckle we immediately notice that the individual parts of the support very well made , and can only hope for a long life of the product.

As promised by the manufacturer, the bike carrier is easy to mount on the vehicle and installed in a few steps to the towbar. Thus it is also for lay people who do not have much with engineering and installation at the hat and also are not very good at it, the perfect rear-carriers. The lightweight construction of the tail boom can already more so looking forward to the upcoming holiday and does not have to coincide with the newly acquired Thule – herumärgern product. This saves time and nerves of the holidaymaker.
The installation of the wheels on the rear carrier is somewhat more complex than in the assembly of the bicycle rack itself. Since the conditions of the tires are very small in size, they have moved differently depending on wheel size are the wheels to be positioned properly. This unfortunately unnecessarily more time wasted than is actually necessary. However, other bicycle carrier does not even offer a possibility to extend the rails to the desired size, thus this additional expense is to be regarded as not all about big shortcoming.

It is very difficult to a mountain bike with a second wheel – no matter what it is – easily mounted on the support of Thule. Since the Euro Ride 940 bit too narrow constructed has been, a mountain bike can be fixed only by means of additional belts and cords with a second wheel on the carrier. But that does not comply with the security that should be provided otherwise and is connected to an unnecessary amount of effort.

All other wheels – such as two road bikes, two women’s or men’s bikes or mixed (a road bike and a ladies / gents) – provide for the wheel carrier not pose an additional problem here it works as promised by the manufacturer, very good..

In addition, the cables of the carrier will depend a bit toward the ground, and so give a little sloppy impression. This penalty can be solved with the help of a couple of cable ties but easy.

A truly great aspect of the Thule carrier is that the – the manufacturer assured folding mechanism – also works really properly. As a result, even after loading the knuckle easy and simple luggage capacity can be achieved and opened that a troublesome and complicated further loading of the boot prevented.Especially here, the Thule 940000 snag some Rating in our test.

The fact that the Thule bike carrier can be folded to a minimum of its original size, it can also easily be transported without thule 94000being mounted on the carriage.In addition, then you can accessories simple and very space-saving manner somewhere – for example in the garage – store when you do not even need it, without obstructing their way to other devices.

In addition, a sufficient number and long cable when vehicles are available to ease the lighting of the Thule – to bring the product in transition without long thought to have, how to do it to connect the car with the lights through the cable.

Another not necessarily satisfactory point is the backup that is touted by the manufacturer that way. The easy-to-small fuses could – if all goes well – might prevent a child from stealing the wheels from the bike rack. In addition, the security, which should secure the tail boom to the carriage, is not well maintained, so there is no real protection is given.

The safety lock is rather poor, it should reflect an additional fuse attached.

Our conclusion:

The Thule 940000 rear carrier really holds broadly what it promises and is also of ladies assembled easy and hassle free and used.

In addition, the carrier keeps the wheels firmly in control, to be so without fear, simple – almost – can drive just as you would do it without rear carrier.

Also the price – / performance ratio as promised by the manufacturer and thus the bicycle rack 940000 comes with us at # 2 .

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

2nd place


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