Roof mounted bike carriers / Thule FreeRide 532 – the roof rack for a wheel

Thule FreeRide 532 – the roof rack for a wheel

Thule FreeRide 532 Roof Racks

bicycle rack from ThuleThe roof carriers should pay particular attention to their own weight to be able to calculate can, whether it is at all possible to transport his bike and the carrier on the roof of the car.

We have the Free Ride 532 and tested whether it can be the manufacturer promises to do justice in our test to the test. One should in this cheap product of course not have all have high expectations, but that it was clear from the outset.


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Functional Overview

  • suitable for 1 bicycle
  • Weight: 3.5KG
  • possible to 17 kg payload
  • Max. Tire size: 2.3 inches
  • Max. Frame size: 22-70 mm (round) / 65-80 mm (oval)

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  • good workmanship
  • secure support for the wheel
  • lockable with a very good lock
  • space-saving design
  • Soft rubber wheel holder


  • unclear assembly instructions
  • Assembly requires two people

The data for Thule FreeRide 532

The manufacturer assures a fast and tool-free installation by means of the quick release. This will Thule guarantee a better start in the well-deserved vacation.

The fact that the carrier no small parts and no tools required, he wants to offer even better protection against damage to the car. The less small parts of the roof rack has, the fewer chances there are that you have to fumble around for too long and damage the paint of the car during assembly.

By continuously adjustable wheel holders loading the bike carrier should be facilitated to the wheels by a multiple. Thus, the convenience of the customer will be considered again and increased more.

The wheel allows transporting all the wheels with the frame size oval to 80mm and round wheels up to 70mm .

Through the safety function of the Thule FreeRide it is possible to secure the bicycle to the carrier. The carrier itself can then be fixed to the load carrier. You can reduce during the partial but very long trips and even take a break and sit in a rest stop for coffee, without the same fear must without further ride the bike. Whether the system of Thule is really reliable, we shall see.

Through the space-saving and exclusive design – as promised by the manufacturer – it should be a breeze, the roof racks after use and to thuleeasily stow the holiday in the garage without getting space problems.

Was tested the bike rack – model from the City – Crash – Test and TÜV – GS .

According to the manufacturer is allowedmaximum tire size 2.3 inches not exceed, otherwise problems installing or transporting could occur.

The payload of the carrier is 17 kg . Whereby anyway only one bike per Thule FreeRide 532 roof rack can be transported.


The Thule FreeRide 532 in the practical test

When unpacking a is immediately apparent that the roof rack is stable and has a good quality . This suggests a long life. The design itself is rather simple and the wheel itself is a roof rack for only one bike actually a heavy model.

Although you can to assemble bike rack without tools , but it’s a little tedious, because the assembly instructions helps one do not and you have to rely on common sense again.

Moreover, it is very difficult to bring the bike carrier alone on the roof of the car and it then to install there. Those who want but do it in spite of everything alone, it is to someone to prove something that should be aware that this could be a somewhat lengthier and heavier work.

The Thule FreeRide 532 roof rack best mount with two people.




But after installing the Thule FreeRide bike carrier of sitting really firmly on the backbone of the car. In addition, then the blank wheels easy to install on the carrier whereby the holiday relaxing and quiet then you can start.

The bike really holds in our test on the roof rack, regardless of whether you drive on the highway or on a rough road, the FreeRide 532 holds the wheel firmly to the place where it belongs.

As easy as the manufacturers assured the collapse of the carrier, it is not, unfortunately. Partly it’s really hard and is therefore similar to a more fitness machine as a bike rack. Only slow and cumbersome can be folded up in a minimum of itself the product. If one has the but then managed only once, so you can put him out of hand at a slight angle, as it can be really shrink to a tiny.

The product can be in terms of system score in our test. If it does not accidentally cracked by someone to go with a professional tool to work, it is unlikely that someone manages to steal the bicycle while you do in the rest stop short halt. Of course, everything must have been properly installed.

Another advantage of this system of Thule is the aluminum – base rail. It is used for example for ski boxes. With this system, you can replace the bike rack by a ski box and thus the same in the next Action effortlessly in autumn – Start holiday.

For additional safety you can still a T – Buy groove profiles at Amazone . This is not required when ordinary Aluschinenprofile because the roof rack is sufficient alone. Therefore one should rather just inform which accessories are required for its wheel still.

thule roof rackIn addition, the manufacturer reserves in the point with the right hardware. The roof rack has no unnecessary small parts which could damage the car or bike. So you can rest assured that their beloved car nothing happens.

The wheel center is as promised infinitely adjustable and can easily be adapted to the wheel. This provides an optimum stability , which is especially on the highway and on rough roads of great importance.

In addition, the FreeRide has yet buckles for securing the wheels. Here Thule has had really come up with something.Unlike other models, the tire can not here involuntarily back and Shaking the.

The price of the Thule Free Ride seems fairly priced at the moment compared to the other models, but considering that you can thus transport only one bicycle can then this apparent advantage into perspective quickly.


Our conclusion

The Thule FreeRide 532 roof rack holds in many ways, what the manufacturer promises the wearer.However, one should not necessarily stop and think before buying, what you would expect from its roof rack and whether the model of Thule is really the right thing for themselves.

Although with its many positive characteristics raises the roof carrier FreeRide a shadow on his mistakes, but still has to consider whether you want to always travel with a bicycle.

Because of poor assembly instructions , which is included in the delivery, technically untalented should at least necessarily looking for someone who can bring the new car accessories in its proper place even without help from the manufacturer.

In addition, you should make sure before buying, whether additional parts for this bike rack needs to be bicycle on the roof of the car to be able to install properly.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

4th Place

Summary: This bike rack is for less technically gifted people rather unsuitable.


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